Fantasy Rebel is excited to announce the KINDLE RELEASE of the first in the new series ONLY PERFECT OMEGAS by the USA Today bestselling author Rosemary A Johns!

It’s out now to buy on both Kindle and paperback. FREE in Kindle Unlimited.


Love badass heroines, suspenseful plots, and full-moon induced passion? Get pulled into a magical world of shifters and witches. ONLY PERFECT OMEGAS will keep you up reading into the night and then dreaming of wolf princes…

Werewolves, witches, and Oxford like you’ve never seen it before…

“A werewolf in your wardrobe, a magic wolf in your pocket, and now an angel in your attic.” The wolf grinned. “Are you certain that you don’t want to tell me about an elf stashed in your knicker drawer or a dragon in your cauldron?”

“I don’t have a cauldron.” My eyes narrowed. “You’ll have to wait and find out if there’s an elf fondling my panties…”

Binge-read the NEW addictive ONLY PERFECT OMEGAS by the USA Today bestselling author Rosemary A Johns!

I was warned…

…don’t fall for the sinfully beautiful werewolves.

But even a badass witch can’t resist three scorching hot shifters, even if they’re my deadly enemy in an ancient war.

They call me the Crimson Tide. I’m the last of the Wolf Charmers: hunted witches whose magical powers control wolves.

As a witch hiding from my dark past – and the murder of my parents by werewolves – I must survive by one rule:

# Rule 1: Never trust the angelic perfection of an Omega

Unlucky for the Oxford coven who call me back home from America, I suck at following rules. When I’m forced to claim three gorgeous British shifter princes from rival Wolf Kingdoms, I can’t help loving and protecting them as pack, even if they hold their own dangerous secrets.

Yet the deeper I tumble into the mysterious world of pretty monsters, the further I spiral into sinister peril.

Am I right to trust an Omega? Has my whole life been a lie?

When my aunt’s cruel coven and the bullying Alphas test my Wolf Charmer powers, I’ll either discover what I’m capable of and who I truly am…

…or I’ll die.