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Light lives for his vampire family. Now he may die for it.

Light – rebel, lover, anti-hero – will be burnt at the stake in fourteen days. When he’s accused of being a terrorist Renegade in paranormal London, his bewitching Blood Life Council interrogator offers a deal: one secret a night.

Facing both human and vampire enemies, secret alliances and betrayal, Light struggles with whether he’s a hero, or about to fall back into his true vampire nature. Soon, Light’s in a race against time to transform into the leader vital to save his family, home, and love. But will he be able to judge predator from prey?

Light must make the ultimate choice: safety and slavery in the shadows, or freedom and death in the light…


Sun pulled me up onto the bed.  Hands. Stroking, pinching, caressing.  I quivered, overloaded; I struggled not to squirm, my skin alive with their kisses. It’d be so easy to choose this fall into their dual embrace. Black mane mingled with ash blonde veil. Familiar curves and the strange new hardness pressed to mine. Alabaster skin starkly beautiful against golden. A silk soft canvas of the known and the unknown calling to me – my blood. Two mouths: two kisses, both tasting of oranges.

And just like that? I was burnt to ashes.


Captain took one step towards me, his body vibrating from his jaunty strawberry blond peak of hair to his quivering knees. ‘Your nonconformity has ceased to be cute. If I can’t break a legend, do you know what I do?’

‘Send it home with a pat on the head?’

‘I snuff it out.’

Then Captain shoved. Not hard – for a Blood Lifer. This building, however, hadn’t been designed for Blood Lifers.

Crack – the glass shattered in one long sharp line, before spiderwebbing out.

Then I was falling…

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