Short standalone novels from USA Today bestselling author Rosemary A Johns!


Hunt the wickedly beautiful vampire and his Blood God and save the world.
A rebel vampire like me should have no problem taking down his own kind, right?
Except, what should I do when that wicked beauty turns around and hunts me?

I was reborn into a vampire’s world of blood, passion, and sin as Light. My battle to redeem myself through my forbidden love for a human, Kathy, exiled me from the deadly world of Blood Life.

Now, three predators and their secret cult are stalking the human world. Blood Life wrecked me before but now it’s whispering pretty temptations.

Freedom. Family. Power.

I know that they’ll never stop hunting me because they hunger to own me.
I might not have the Blood God on my side, but I have my rebel spirit to resist their seduction.
Will it be enough to save my lover and the human world…?


From the award-winning author of the #1 Bestselling REBEL ANGELS and REBEL VAMPIRES series!


“Oh my! One of the best heroes in a long time! I love Light!” – Goodreads, Rodriguez, 5 Stars

Wow… I’ve always been a fan of Rosemary A Johns. This book showed me no matter where she takes these books, they’ll always be epic! This is the story of Light and Kathy. Their love is truly magical. This novel shows you a dark side that will keep you on a thrill ride. You’re pulled into the story with so much suspense that you can’t put the book down.” – Goodreads, Debbie, 5 Stars

Blood Gods is as much about Light’s love for Kathy as it is his desire to take down Versailles. Being orphaned at a young age, he’s drawn to the idea of familyI love Rosemary A Johns’ books.” – BookBub, Energy

Versailles’ breath gusted against my mouth. He was so sinfully beautiful that even now it made me gasp.

“You must bow before the Blood God, but I’ll pardon you, if you refuse to bow before me,” he whispered. “Do you know how rare it is for me to be surprised and yet rarer to find anyone who won’t submit? It’s been a delectable treat to be hunted for once. How much more delectable it’ll be when we hunt together.”

I panted, as my fangs ached to descend…to hunt at the side of this powerful vampire as an equal.

Every human in the café stank of blood. I craved to savage.

Versailles chuckled. “See? We’re the same.” Versailles lowered a single fang, slicing his tongue. I arched at the scent: it was rich and ancient. Versailles’ eyes promised pain and punishment, yet he purred, “My child.

Then he pulled me closer, offering his lips and blood to seal the bargain…