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FANTASY REBEL is here to put the rebel back into books. The individual. Not the conformer. So every reader can escape into a spellbinding world. And fall in love with the rebels fighting their way off the page. Welcome to the Rebel Age.

You know it’s a Fantasy Rebel book, when it’s dark, intelligent and has a rebel at its heart – and don’t we all secretly have one of those?





I love books. Reading and writing them. I’m a storyteller. Most of all, I write what I love to read.

I was desperate for intelligent, adult, dark books. Ones I could sink my teeth into. They weren’t easy to find. I wanted to write for the reader, who was like me.

war book 1I’ve been traditionally published as a short story writer for a number of years. I’ve given readings and talks about dark fiction. The rebels in my head, however, were clamouring to get out and have their say in novels as well.

I’ve always been drawn to the anti-hero. I like my heroes wicked and rebellious but also witty. I’m happiest when they’re reluctantly redeeming themselves against formidable odds.

I’ve always been hooked on science fiction, fantasy and that something darker… I ran a theatre company in Oxford. My plays were – no surprises – psychological thrillers. At their heart was human emotion. Power dynamics. How love can be twinned to hate. I always question WHY humans behave as they do. I’m fascinated by how the mind works.

Review for my play Random 12:

‘The play is a startlingly original look at the patterns of human relations: at friendship, love and violence… It’s…frighteningly effective: claustrophobic and tense. Yet it’s not without touches of humour, as the prisoners move between disbelief and rebellion… Random 12 is an excellent psychological thriller – uncomfortable, unsettling, and uneasily true to life. An unmissable chance to see new talent at work.’ – Felicity James, Daily Info.

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That’s why there are two imprints here at Fantasy Rebel.

  1. FANTASY REBEL for fantasy books.
  2. DARKER REBEL for psychological thrillers. Chilling, compelling and gripping. And just like Fantasy Rebel novels, they’ll be intelligent, dark and with a rebel heart.

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History is about PSYCHOLOGY. Why people acted the way they did. Took that one step – choice or decision – rather than another. Love, ambition, revenge. Why a war was sparked over a woman.  Or how a woman sparked a war. I studied history at Oxford University. Alongside writing, it’s my passion. You’ll often find an historical edge to Fantasy Rebel novels.

spectacular light 1I’m enthralled by art photography – the more bizarre the better. I like the unusual beneath the everyday.

I’m also a music fanatic. I live my life to a soundtrack. If I don’t have anything on, it’s playing in my head. David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix… I have to stop myself there because the list? Is TOO long. I’m a music vampire. I suck great songs from every decade and genre. Then they give me life. See? Fanatic?

And if you want to know what band I listen to, whilst I write every first draft..? You’ll have to email me. Seriously, drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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