Fantasy Rebel is excited to announce the cover reveal and pre-order of ONLY PRETTY BETAS. The first book in a thrilling new fantasy romance series REBEL WEREWOLVES by USA Today bestselling author Rosemary A Johns.

When the witches throw me to the wolves…

…they don’t mean the cute-as-a-button kind.

The shifters are hot, deadly, and our enemies for centuries. Luckily, I’m Crimson, the last Wolf Charmer with the badass magical power to control the gorgeous werewolves.

Except, my powers have been bound, and I’m at their mercy.

It’s make or break time in the savage kingdoms behind the wall. I have to trust my wolf princes:

Moon — my magical rebel Omega

Amadeus — my hot incubus Beta

Emperor — my dominant protective Alpha

I know that they hold dark secrets. Will the princes choose me, even when their loyalties are tested?

To survive amongst the wolves, I must:

Rule #1 Never be seduced by the wicked prettiness of a Beta

Am I wrong to give in to temptation…and pleasure? Either I’ll find a way to turn around and lead the wolves with stronger powers than before…

…or like my parents, I’ll be devoured by wolves.


Are you ready to be seduced by the wickedness of a Beta…?