Fantasy Rebel is thrilled to announce the paperback release of the new series by the USA TODAY bestselling author Rosemary A Johns: ONLY PERFECT OMEGAS (Rebel Werewolves Book One). 

Are you ready to meet the perfect Omega princes and wicked witches in Oxford like you’ve never seen it before?

# Rule 1: Wolf shifters are the enemy

# Rule 2: Never trust the angelic perfection of an Omega

# Rule 3: Don’t follow these rules if you’re a rebel…

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Behind the moon-pale wall that divided visitors from trainees, lurked beasts with beautiful faces.

Only perfect Omegas, promised the oak sign.

If I hadn’t known any better, I’d have thought that I was shifting on the throne-like seat in the freezing waiting room of an elite Werewolf Academy. Except, for the bars on the window.

Plus, boy did I know better…

I scuffed my buckled boots against the floor.

Hold it together, Crimson, you’re here to choose a wolf to be yours, not to be eaten.

My fingers dug into my knees and sweat dampened the back of my neck. Because there was one thing you learned when you were born into the House of Silver: witches were real, and so were wolf shifters. Although, they were really only two sides of the same coin for me: A Wolf Charmer…


*Paperback out now! Pre-order on Kindle. Releases 24th October!*