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I'm the #1 Amazon bestselling, award-winning fantasy author of REBEL VAMPIRES and REBEL ANGELS series. I’m a music fanatic and a paranormal anti-hero addict. A rebel who creates spellbinding worlds, thrilling action, gripping suspense and passionate romances. I write savage vampires, snarky angels, and epic battles!

FANTASY BOOK AWARDS – Vampire Huntress: Top 20 Best Books

VAMPIRE HUNTRESS – the first book in the new addictive REBEL ANGELS series – has just made the TOP 20 LIST of Best Fantasy Books at the Reality Bites Book Awards.

VOTING is now open to choose the winner. You can vote for Vampire Huntress here now and see the other 20 books on the list.

Rosemary A Johns Vampire Huntress

This year it’s interesting to see the wide selection from across fantasy, with a definite emphasis on urban fantasy, anti-heroes, and humour: definitely all ticks in the REBEL world.

As this is a reader voted award, it’s great to see the popularity of edgier fantasy, as well as urban and dark.

Currently, VAMPIRE HUNTRESS is second, so your vote will make a difference!




EXCLUSIVE FANTASY REVEAL – Opening of Rebel Angels Boxed Set

In August a standalone novel from my #1 Bestselling REBEL ANGELS series is released in a boxed set with 22 other supernatural suspense and urban fantasy novels by bestselling and award-winning authors!

Here EXCLUSIVELY is the REVEAL of the opening!

You don’t know the moment you’ll die, but I’ll hear it. Because I’m magic, and my magic is death.

A dark wizard, I raise angels from the dead. I’m an angelmancer: a Lazarus Mage.

Mage Grey.

Or I will be, after tonight.


I ducked.




The sparkling glass ceiling above the stuffy lecture theatre split open, as if the heavens were breaking.




The stars in the black shroud sky bled closer. The moon beamed deathly white onto the entire student body of the Phoenix Academy.

Dark magics flayed the glass above, below Royal Blood’s guitar riffs blasted through my mind. I air guitared to psyche myself up, head banging until my long jet hair snarled: I was a wild thing, even though my heart thundered.


I brushed my hair back and smirked.

A hundred other Lazarus apprentices and mages, dressed in their best black suits, as if at a funeral rather than a birth, watched my unexpected performance from the bank of scarlet seats, their eyes gleaming.

On the most important night of my life, when I’d prove whether I’d earned the right to join the Legion’s army or would cock-up and be reduced to servant in the only home I’d known for over a decade, I slouched spotlighted on the stage.


Rocking on my heels, I attempted to smile as I swept my audience a bow.


Hoots and catcalls.


I stiffened, staring at the marble floor like I could set it alight.

Everything had changed when I’d been only ten years old in a guitar lesson at primary school. I’d been practising chords as I leaned back in the plastic seat. I’d lost myself in the music, as the mingled aroma of floor polish and slow cooked broccoli had washed over me. Then it’d ripped through me: a banshee scream.


Howling, keening, wailing.


I’d dashed myself against the wall, pummelling the guitar into the plaster.


Smash, smash, smash.


Until I’d reduced the guitar to jagged slivers. Then I’d pounded my head as well.


Bang, bang, bang.


I’d bawled, clasping my hands over my ears to try and block out the screams…at the moment my dad’s throat had been torn out.

That was the first time I’d channelled death’s song. I’d heard my dad’s murder, and it’d sparked my magic. Worse? It’d been drilled into me at the Academy that I’d heard my dad being killed by fanged monsters — vampires. Yet I’d done nothing but sob. The Academy, buried in secret outside London, has trained me every day since.

Our Trainer, Ethan, glowered at me from the corner. His mustard suit and embroidered waistcoat were as smart as his afro, despite the scar running from his forehead to his right eyebrow: the smooth prick knew how to climb the ranks. He lounged against the high gilt door, his powerful arms crossed over his chest.

No chance I could make a run for it then.

Despite my guts twisting that I’d screw up the ritual, however, I’d earned my place as an angelmancer.

Wasn’t the blood sacrifice of my dad enough?

The sound when an angel died wasn’t like a vampire’s wail. It was the beat of a thousand wings, over the thunder of martial drums: a warrior’s send-off. And those angels were born again into the Legion of the Phoenix’s army, just as I’d been adopted into their ranks as an orphaned, human kid.

Tonight, I’d raise my own Phoenix because it was my twenty-first birthday.

And who wants a Les Paul guitar as a present, when you can have your very own angel slave?


FANTASY BOOK SALE – Blood Dragons Sale 0.99

AWARDED SILVER WINNER in the National Wishing Shelf Book Awards.


Find out where the rebel world began with REBEL VAMPIRES! BLOOD DRAGONS is 0.99 for the next four days only.

“One hell of a journey into love, death, humanity, and monsters.” – Underground Book Reviews, 5 Stars

A rebel vampire, a red-haired devil, and a sassy heroine battle to save the world—or tear it apart.

Light, a bad boy vampire of the Blood Lifer world, has been hiding in the shadows of paranormal London since Victorian times. His only company? A savage Elizabethan Blood lifer. And he’s keeping a secret from her that breaks every rule.

London, 1960s. When a seductive human singer tempts Light with a forbidden romance, their worlds collide. At the same time, Light discovers his ruthless family’s horrifying experiments. Now he’s torn between slaying the humans he was raised to fear, or saving them.

But an effort to play the hero could spell the end…for both species.

Our love had blazed through the decades and across continents – Light, BLOOD DRAGONS

Start the adventure here!

VAMPIRE BESTSELLER – Vampire Huntress Hits #1 Bestseller!

VAMPIRE HUNTRESS released last week and hit #1 in several categories (including Vampire Vampire Huntress Rebel Angels Rosemary A JohnsHorror and Horror Comedy). Nine days later, the battle between vampires and angels is still #1!

Have you bought your copy yet?

I’ve been working on the story of Violet, the half-vampire/half-angel anti-heroine, who was raised amongst humans and comes into her monstrous powers on her twenty-first birthday, before being dragged into the supernatural world, for the last year.

Author Rosemary A Johns

This five book series is going to be epic, and I’m excited about sharing it with you!

“With unique world-building, action, and plenty of romance, Vampire Huntress is a gripping page-turner that kept me reading until late into the night! I can’t wait for book two!” – Jenna Wolfhart, Urban Fantasy Author

Vampire Huntress Rebel Angels series, Rosemary A Johns

You can start reading the adventure here now with a free preview!


‘Nobody’s perfect. Not even an angel.’


Vampire Huntress




ღ˚ •。​* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。​ღ˛° 。​* ° ˚ • ★ 。
˚. ★ ˛ ˚ ✰。​˚ ˚ღ。​* ˛˚ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ
INTRODUCING Vampire Huntress, Rebel Angels Book One

Fantasy Rebel announces the first book in the hotly anticipated new supernatural series REBEL ANGELS!
Going live today, VAMPIRE HUNTRESS has already hit the #1 spot on Amazon’s Hot New Releases!


Read an excerpt:

Rebel smirked. ‘If you win, I’ll take you out to fight a vampire by yourself.’

I licked my lips. That was what I’d been training towards in this woodland at the bottom of the House of Rose, Wolf, and Fox.

To be a huntress

‘And if I don’t win?’

Rebel’s gaze was suddenly serious. ‘You could keep your promise not to escape.’ Then he smiled shyly. ‘And call me Custodian…?’

‘In your dreams.’

I kneed Rebel in the balls, wriggling away from him like a snake, as he doubled over.

I jumped up, rolling my shoulders. ‘My advantage? A bitch fights dirty.’

Rebel’s eyes blazed as he straightened, his wings beating, whilst the snow fell in a furious flurry around him.

‘My advantage?’ Rebel unsheathed Eclipse; its flames coursed around its black core. ‘I fight with a sword.’

Vampires and angels are locked in a deadly war. But first, they want their daughter back.

Half vampire/half angel, Violet, is dragged into the supernatural world when her sister disappears.

Violet’ll have to rely on a sexy vampire geek, while facing off the harem boy angel threatening her sister.

And there’s only one way she’ll win: by letting out the monster… 





¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)

(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`*Fantasy Rebel announces the COVER REVEAL of  VAMPIRE PRINCESS – the second book in the addictive series REBEL ANGELS by award-winning author ROSEMARY A JOHNS!


Angel World is no heaven…

Held prisoner, Violet never anticipated her long-lost mother would be the poisonous Queen of Angel World. Or that she’d be forced to rule as a corrupted princess or risk a perilous escape.

When a harem boy angel draws Violet into the dark court’s twisted sports, she’s thrown into deadly trials that even her monstrous powers may not be able to overcome. If she refuses, both the snarky angel and geek vampire she loves will be enslaved to a powerful cult.

No matter what she chooses, she’ll be facing the dangers of Angel World on the eve of war…

“Rosemary A Johns is the queen when it comes to writing vampires and angels. She has written another jaw dropping, heart stopping, on the edge of your seat book! – Goodreads, Debbie, 5 stars

The first book in the series VAMPIRE HUNTRESS is available here.

Vampire Princess (Rebel Angels Book One)


Fantasy Rebel announces the release of VAMPIRE HUNTRESS: REBEL ANGELS BOOK ONE on paperback!

The paperbacks have gorgeous covers by the designer Rebecca Frank. They also feature my new awesome author logo. Treat yourself to the must read angel series of 2018!

Vampires and angels are locked in a deadly war. But first, they want their daughter back. 

Half vampire/half angel, Violet, was abandoned amongst the humans in London as a baby. Suddenly discovering monstrous powers on her twenty-first birthday, she thinks she’s the most dangerous creature to prowl the streets.

She’s wrong.

When a snarky angel falls into her lap and her adopted sister disappears, Violet is forced into a new role: Huntress. But the deeper she’s dragged into this supernatural world, the more she struggles to survive.

On the run, Violet’ll have to rely on a sexy vampire geek, while facing off the harem boy angel threatening her sister. And there’s only one way she’ll win: by letting out the monster…

Read VAMPIRE HUNTRESS on paperback here.

REBEL VAMPIRES SPRING SALE – Vampire Thrillers and Spellbinding Worlds

 Blood Shackles
It’s the REBEL VAMPIRES Spring Sale! Read the award-winning vampires series here for only Blood Shackles0.99 before my new REBEL ANGELS comes out on May 22nd!
See what readers are calling True Blood meets Interview with the Vampire!
Compelling. Gripping. A must read.
Hunted by humans, a vampire’s bought by his enemy’s daughter.
Light’s caught between breaking under the cruel training, or battling to hold onto the rebel inside.
“A true page-turner. Breathtaking.” – Underground Book Reviews, 5 Stars
Blood ShacklesDare to venture into the thrilling pages of the award-winning REBEL VAMPIRES series and lose yourself in the story of Light: the British vampire who’s a lover, rebel, and anti-hero.

‘How about I write what it was like when you came to buy me?  Maybe then you won’t leave me in isolation. A bloke’s got to hope or else he’s truly dead — and I’ve already tried that.

I didn’t fancy it much.

It was the rebirth that was glorious.’

Read here now.

Rebel Vampires

Check out Books One and Three in the REBEL VAMPIRES series here!

Sale ends 8th May 


¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)

(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`*Fantasy Rebel announces the COVER REVEAL of VAMPIRE HUNTRESS – the first book in the new addictive series REBEL ANGELS by award-winning author ROSEMARY A JOHNS!

Available to pre-order here now!

Vampires and angels are locked in a deadly war. But first, they want their daughter back. 

Fans of Buffy and Lucifer are sure to devour this unputdownable book.

“Rosemary A Johns writes one hell of a world. I can’t wait to read more!” – USA Today Bestselling Author, D.D. Miers



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