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As REBEL VAMPIRES has its first birthday, it now has its own Official Fan Page!

I’ll be posting directly to Rebels there: excerpts, events, and exclusives.

Plus links to an closed readers group – Rosemary’s Rebels – as well.

Here is the last post:

Light discovers the horrifying truth…
‘There’s always something worse than dying, and there’s always someone in First or Blood Life who’ll find a way to inflict it. When I flicked my lighter, the flame jumped. For a moment, I was mesmerised. Then I bent down and lit the boiling flood…’

Come and follow the adventure into Blood Life on its Official Page!

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Light’s Birthday!

‘What’s this, then?’ Light swaggers to the table, swiping his finger through the cream.

I smile. ‘It’s your birthday cake. Do you like the fangs?’

Light raises his eyebrow, as he slowly sucks the cream from his finger. ‘Couldn’t find any with cute vampires and bat wings?’

‘That’s sarcasm, right?’ I push him down into a chair.

‘Oi, mind the leathers.’ Light tilts his nut. ‘What’s all this in aid of then, luv?’

‘One year ago Blood Dragons was published. Rebel Vampires has been all around the world for a year: Blood Shackles and Blood Renegades too. Books, rock anthems, Rebel Gear clothes and accessories, and jewelry… It’s been a whirlwind.’

Whirlwind? We’re celebrating my election to Blood Life? Near death? Enslavement? Trial as a traitor..?’

‘Love. Heroic battles. Rebel Age!’

‘Enough said,’ Light grins, his fangs shooting out, as he bounces up, ‘let’s kick off this party. Where’s the Guinness?’

I grab a cold bottle of Guinness from underneath the table and pass it to Light; his eyes gleam. ‘Happy birthday, Light!’

~ Rosemary



BLOOD RENEGADES is part of this global event until the end of today!

There are 100 books from across a range of genres. These include urban fantasy, dystopian and fantasy romance.

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FANTASY 0.99 SALE – Night Huntress Meets Interview with the Vampire!

Blood Renegades by Rosemary A Johns

Forgetting? Losing myself in the music? Dance? The feel of Sun’s lips – body – against mine was as good as the sweet opiate of blood.


Rebel Vampires Trilogy

Rebel Vampires Vampire book Rosemary A JohnsThe latest release in the REBEL VAMPIRES trilogy – BLOOD RENEGADES – is on Summer Sale until Sunday 6th!

Accused of being a traitor, Light’s offered a deal by his vampire interrogator: one secret a night.

Facing both human and vampire enemies, secret alliances and betrayal, Light struggles with whether he’s a hero, or about to fall back into his true vampire nature. Soon, Light’s in a race against time to transform into the leader vital to save his family, home, and love.

Love – it can do funny things to a bloke and love for the First Lifer destined to be born of your fangs..? You’d suffer torture. Die for them. Resurrect yourself just to offer the sacrifice a second time. You’d destroy worlds.

Light must make the ultimate choice: safety and slavery in the shadows, or freedom and death in the light…

Click here to escape into Blood Life…

Blood Renegades

SUMMER FANTASY 0.99 SALE – Beautiful Monsters Meets Interview with the Vampire!


From #1 bestselling REBEL VAMPIRES. Ends 8th Aug.

Hunted by humans, Light’s bought by his enemy’s daughter…

Light’s caught between breaking under the cruel training, or battling to hold onto the rebel inside. If he can remember the vampire he once was, he can fight to uncover the conspiracy behind the slave ring and free his family.

But to do this, he must face his worst terrors…


Look, it’s all about the pain, right? Pretty playthings. Forever young. And no guilt. The Lost reduced to nothing but a possession. Property. Slaves to you sodding humans.

See at the heart is the Blood Club: the new, most exclusive club for Russian oligarchs, sons of Arab princes and the brats of Silicon Valley.

Here we are – two species in this world of ours – and I should have my nut examined for reckoning it was big enough to share.

See what readers are calling Beautiful Monsters meets Interview with the Vampire!

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Rebel Range T-shirt Rebel Vampires

The Rebel Range is expanding!

But what is Blood Life?

Blood Life is at the heart of REBEL VAMPIRES. First Lifers (humans) are chosen to be elected to Blood Life (vampires): only the best of each generation.

They’re elected to be thinkers, warriors, beauties and leaders.

We smell the true scent of you First Lifers. The bubbling emotions that are veined underneath, like gold in rock: the ambition of true leaders, unrecognised genius of thinkers and courage of warriors. Beauty is skin-deep, but we see it in the faces of the poor. In the capacity for love, rather than its cold cruelty.

Blood Life is the next step in evolution. A race of camouflaged predators who revel in the carnage and the flames.

Blood Life was no dark fairy-tale: it was hard science.

Rebel Range Black T-shirt rebel Vampires

Light is the main Blood Lifer in Rebel Vampires.

He’s a sexy British anti-hero with a photographic memory and Triton motorbike.

He’s a:

Rebel here, yeah?

Light’s been hiding in the shadows of paranormal London since Victorian times.

Rebel range hood Rebel Vampires

Light’s only company? A savage Elizabethan Blood lifer. And he’s keeping a secret from her that breaks every rule.

When a seductive human singer tempts Light with a forbidden romance, their worlds collide. At the same time, Light discovers his ruthless family’s horrifying experiments. Now he’s torn between slaying the humans he was raised to fear, or saving them.

Start your escape into Blood Life here

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Rebel Vampires: Interview with the Vampire Meets True Blood!

Escape into your Blood Life today…

AUTHOR EXCLUSIVE READING TODAY – Three of the Best Author Readings

Today I’m LIVE with an exclusive READING of my latest release BLOOD RENEGADES in my Facebook Group ROSEMARY’S REBELS.

After the reading, there’ll be a Q and A session on the REBEL VAMPIRES series where – as always when I speak live – readers can ask me anything. Seriously. Now whether I answer..?

I love author readings: there’s a special connection between listening to an author read their own words and then having the chance to ask them about the book.

I read a series of fantasy flash fiction at a Women in Dark Fiction event at Oxford last year: the atmosphere was electric.

When I worked in the theater, there was nothing like the connection between audience and performer: when it’s your own words? It’s twice the buzz.

As a reader? I love the experience too. So below are Three of the Best Author Readings:



  1. Jack Kerouac On the Road: reads the last page to jazz. Magic. Listen here.
  2. James Baldwin Another Country: a novel that taught me a lot about the possibilities and power of language. Listen here.
  3. J.R.R Tolkien The Hobbit: hearing Tolkien describing Gollum and acting his voice? Special and never forgotten. Listen here.

Who are your favourite authors to listen to?

Blood Dragons: start your new vampire obsession…


BLOOD DRAGONS SHORTLISTED – International Rubery Book Award


Fantasy Rebel announces that BLOOD DRAGONS has just been shortlisted for the prestigious INTERNATIONAL RUBERY BOOK AWARD!

‘When Light falls in love with Kathy, a human, he begins to understand that humans should not be treated as prey. This is not just a novel about vampires.  Its strength lies in its unsentimental tenderness. The book deals with the poignancy of losing someone to dementia movingly and sensitively.’ – International Rubery Book Award

Start your escape into Blood Life…

Blood Dragons

Blood Shackles

Blood Renegades



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