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When vampires are slaves and humans are acting like monsters, it’s a dangerous game to love your Mistress.

Light, the bad boy vampire of the Blood Lifer world, is hunted through paranormal London. The predators? The humans who were once his prey.

When Light’s enslaved, he’s bought by his enemy’s daughter. Now he’s caught between breaking under their cruel training, or battling to hold onto the rebel inside. If he can remember the vampire he once was, he can fight to uncover the conspiracy behind the slave ring and free his family.

But to do this, he must face his worst terrors and risk everything – even the woman he loves…


‘You swung open the fridge, pulling out a baby’s bottle – thick with crimson – which you held towards me with an expectant expression.

Starved though I was, a bloke’s still got to draw the line somewhere. ‘What’s next? Pretty little bowl with Light printed on the side for my din dins? Or a leash?’

‘At least it’d go with the collar I bought you.’ I drew back to study you. Your grey peepers were coolly amused. ‘Joke.’


M.C. noticed the change in me. She prowled to the satin bed, which was between glass panels of male Blood Lifers. Then she patted the space next to her. ‘Lie down.’ Dazed, I crawled up and onto the bed. I lay on my back, with my legs spread and hands at my side. You’d left me hereYou’d handed me over to your sister… M.C. straddled me, the studs and spikes on her bondage trousers digging into my naked flesh. Her scarlet-tipped hair swiped my cheeks. ‘Maybe I’ll buy you.’ M.C. gave a feral grin as she licked her lips…

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