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Hunted by humans, Light’s bought by his enemy’s daughter…

Light’s caught between breaking under the cruel training, or battling to hold onto the rebel inside. If he can remember the vampire he once was, he can fight to uncover the conspiracy behind the slave ring and free his family.

But to do this, he must face his worst terrors…


Look, it’s all about the pain, right? Pretty playthings. Forever young. And no guilt. The Lost reduced to nothing but a possession. Property. Slaves to you sodding humans.

See at the heart is the Blood Club: the new, most exclusive club for Russian oligarchs, sons of Arab princes and the brats of Silicon Valley.

Here we are – two species in this world of ours – and I should have my nut examined for reckoning it was big enough to share.

See what readers are calling Beautiful Monsters meets Interview with the Vampire!

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