Blood Renegades by Rosemary A Johns

Forgetting? Losing myself in the music? Dance? The feel of Sun’s lips – body – against mine was as good as the sweet opiate of blood.


Rebel Vampires Trilogy

Rebel Vampires Vampire book Rosemary A JohnsThe latest release in the REBEL VAMPIRES trilogy – BLOOD RENEGADES – is on Summer Sale until Sunday 6th!

Accused of being a traitor, Light’s offered a deal by his vampire interrogator: one secret a night.

Facing both human and vampire enemies, secret alliances and betrayal, Light struggles with whether he’s a hero, or about to fall back into his true vampire nature. Soon, Light’s in a race against time to transform into the leader vital to save his family, home, and love.

Love – it can do funny things to a bloke and love for the First Lifer destined to be born of your fangs..? You’d suffer torture. Die for them. Resurrect yourself just to offer the sacrifice a second time. You’d destroy worlds.

Light must make the ultimate choice: safety and slavery in the shadows, or freedom and death in the light…

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Blood Renegades