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With Blood Dragons on the Dark Fantasy Amazon Best Seller List and both Blood Dragons AND Blood Shackles booting their way onto Vampire Suspense Best Sellers this last week has been… exciting.

Photo by Flickr User Paul Hudson: Music Day

All right..understatement. If I was Light right now? I’d be on a wild whirlwind of joyous crimson carnage. Me? I settled in to write the third book – Blood Renegades. Any excuse to listen to its music…seriously, you’re going to love it.

Whilst I’ve been peeking in on the Lists and sauntering into events (yeah, there is an online saunter), still being as much a fantasy fanatic as ever, here’s Three Fantasy Writers Who Make You Think:

  1. souls-of-the-neverC. J. Rutherford: Souls of the Never. YA fantasy/science fiction as it should be. Alternate realities? Time travel? Dragons? All present and correct, sir.
  2. heaven-help-usJohn G. Hartness: Heaven Help Us.  Urban fantasy just how I like it – dark – with a side order of immortal demon hunter, werewolves and Homeland Security.
  3. Patty Jansen: Icefire TrilogyDid I say I liked dark? This is gritty, shocking and don’t take the warnings lightly… But the world building? Class act.fireandice-trilogy

Blood Dragons and Blood Shackles are both out now at 0.99 until 30thblood-shackles-cover-large-ebook November.

It’s a dangerous game to love your slave… When your whole species is enslaved – and it’s the humans who are acting like the monsters – how far would you go to free your family? Click here to buy Blood Shackles today.

rsz_1blood_dragons_cover_medium_web-1-smallTo read Blood Dragons first click here.

In a divided paranormal London, one bad boy vampire’s dangerous hidden love could bring about the end of the world – unless he can play the role of hero and save both species – and maybe even himself.

“No ordinary paranormal romance…the beginning of something new.” – Vamped Magazine.