Halloween. Just around the corner. Enticing us with parties, pumpkins…and killer clowns. Oh, and the Halloween Sale of Blood Dragons. Only 0.99… I’d make a spooky price joke here but…I’m still caught up on the clown thought. Blame reading It at too tender an age.

I also opened the Official Bloody Halloweenfest on Friday, kicking off three days of contests, reveals, giveaways, excerpts and dark fun. Have a look here

believe-braceletI held a Halloween Contest to win a handcrafted BELIEVE bracelet. Entrants had to answer this: Mulder always wanted to believe… On Halloween, in what do you want to believe? Vampires or werewolves? Witches… or kick-ass superpowers to take on the undead? What do you believe – all right, wish, walks the same streets as us humans?

I was blown away by the answers – insightful, funny and passionate about the paranormal… Yeah, I struggled to pick a winner.

It looks like we want to believe in vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, magic and the thin veil dividing our worlds… to mention just a few. Read the brilliant responses here

And the winner? The handcrafted BELIEVE BRACELET goes to: Veronica Vasquez

Here’s what Veronica believed in…

‘Witches, vampires, werewolves, dragons, shifters, fae, and all sorts of beings that I can’t even imagine! I’d like to believe there is a secret magical world out there, as ours has so many problems, and that one day the magical world and out world will combine and it will heal so many of the problems with society today! I believe!’

Congratulations and respect!

To celebrate Halloween by escaping into Blood Life, pre-order Blood Shackles here for 0.99 or buy the paperback. Need to read Light’s adventure in Blood Dragons first? Click here

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