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This March I’m one of a host of paranormal and fantasy authors taking part in a giveaway, which includes two $500 Amazon gift cards (among other goodies).

I wanted to kick off this Spring with something special, as I gear up for the release of the third book in the Rebel Vampires series – Blood Renegades – in June.

Blood Renegades Rebel Vampires Volume 3 Rosemary A Johns Fantasy

Here are Three Queens of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance who are alongside me this March:

  1. Felicity Heaton: A USA Today and New York Times Bestseller, her books feature vampires, werewolves, angels, demons… This is one for passionate paranormal romance lovers.
  2. Scarlett Dawn: A New York Times bestselling author of dark, dystopian and brilliantly unique paranormal fiction.
  3. Alicia Montgomery: A bestselling author of shifters and werewolves, with a healthy mix of New York and private detectives.

I take my place alongside them with a divided paranormal London where vampires are both predator and prey.

Light is the rebel of the vampire world – hunted by both humans and vampire alike – but he’ll battle to save both species…and the women he loves.

Click here to escape into Blood Life today…

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Light from the Rebel Vampires series

WHAT’S URBAN FANTASY? – And the Chance to Win 45 Books


Straight to the question I get asked more than any other: what’s urban fantasy?

The twin question clinging to that one? What’s the difference between urban fantasy and paranormal romance?

Short answer: not much. See, I can be succinct when I want to.

Long answer: in urban fantasy, although love often drives the main character, their journey is the focus. Redemption or revenge. Not simply the romance between two characters.

It’s been said, however, that paranormal romance and urban fantasy share 95% of the same DNA.


rebel-vampires-black-letters Fantasy book Rebel Vampires Rosemary A JohnsBeing ‘urban’, in urban fantasy the city becomes central. It can be set in any time period. In Rebel Vampires London and its dark and glory, is as much a character as the vampires themselves: St Paul’s, London Bridge or Primrose Hill.

If you study the Rebel Vampires front covers, you’ll see a different London skyline and bridge: these are central in each book.

blood-dragons-cover-medium-web Fantasy Book Blood Dragons Rebel Vampires series Rosemary A Johns

I love urban fantasy because unlike some other types of fantasy, the supernatural is either hidden beneath our world or is right there alongside: the magical among the everyday. Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere first turned me on to this style of fantasy, when I watched the original BBC TV version: it opened my eyes to a new style of fantasy.

blood-shackles-cover-medium-web Blood Shackles Fantasy Book Rebel Vampires series Rosemary A JohnsThis is one of my favourite scenes in Blood Shackles, because it contrasts the powerful supernatural with the reality of our lives.

‘I realised I hadn’t heard the click of the front door, when I glanced up, and you were standing there. You were leaning against the wall, with a thoughtful expression, as you watched me on my knees, dusting cloth in one hand, glass vase in the other and tears in my peepers, whilst I sang along to Amy Winehouse. I must’ve looked like a right berk.’ (Blood Shackles)

feb-17-general-urbanfantasy-1200graphicI’m taking part in a big urban fantasy giveaway this week. You can win books from authors like John Hartness and Michael G Munz, and a Kindle Fire. This giveaway ends soon, so make sure you hurry and enter!

Join the fun here!

When you’re done, tell me which books you’re most excited to win.

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VALENTINES KINDLE UNLIMITED TREAT – Chance to Win $25 Amazon Gift Card


This being the month of love, romance and (if you’re me!) books… here’s a little treat. Imagine it dipped in warm chocolate and…perfect.

kdp-1Do you have Kindle Unlimited?
Stop over and check out these Featured Books – including Rebel Vampires’ Blood Shackles!

Read a book for free and then fill out the form for a chance to win one of four $25 Amazon Gift cards. Repeat as often as you wish for more chances to win. Closes 28th February. Click here.
~ Blood Shackles ~ Treat Yourself To Some Dark Romance…
kdp-2It’s a dangerous game to love your slave. When your whole species is enslaved – and it’s the humans who are acting like the monsters – how far would you go to free your family?
“Triumphant, addictive and somehow hopeful…this is a novel everyone should read” – Readers’ Favorite



LAUNCH OF FANTASY REBEL SHOP – Rebel Vampires Jewelry Collection


The last few months I’ve been battling to keep quiet about some seriously blinding things coming your way

They include Fantasy Rebel’s first Shop. Watch out for exciting merchandise being released over 2017.

Today the first collection is launched. 

Rebel Vampires very own exclusive jewelry collection. It’s inspired by the series (including the yet to be published third novel Blood Renegades). Each piece is connected to one of the books, including quotes and an interpretation by me.

See the whole collection here.

See their inspiration here.

I was buzzing when I saw the bracelets: as Light would say, they called to me. Here’s a taste:

Rebel Vampires Diligo Bracelet


Diligo: in Latin means esteem highly, prize, love.

In Blood Life emotions are amplified: ‘They survived but twisted, like a blasted tree after lightning. Where once they were pale and sickly, now they were intense, powerful and dark.’ (Blood Dragons) Light fights for those he loves. He suffers, endures…saves the world. Love, yeah, he was always one for that.

Yesterday on The Hot Spot I ran a takeover, including a contest to win the Servitutem Bracelet. See the winner here.

Rebel Vampires Servitutem Bracelet


Servitutem: in Latin means bondage, servitude, enslaved.

Light is a slave to love. To his Author Ruby. The darkness of a second desperate and brutal world of blood. But he’s also a true slave. Bought and paid for, like a puppy in a shop window – unless he can free them all. ‘I’m not a slave; I’m the bloody superhero.’ (Blood Shackles)

I’ll spotlight other parts of the collection soon and new items as they become available.

Have a browse in the shop – we wanted to find a way to give back something special and unique.

What’s your favourite and what would you like to see next in our shop?





This weekend Blood Dragons – the first in the bestselling Rebel Vampires series – is featuring in one serious Science Fiction and Fantasy Event. All books – almost globally – only 0.99. Over 100 bestselling authors and new releases – so click here and take your pick.

The most blinding thing of all this week? My website has been revamped (see what I did there?). Have a prowl around, see what’s new: click here.

2017 is an exciting year for Fantasy Rebel: new releases planned and a whole lot more. Visit my events page, contests and here on my blog to make sure you don’t miss out! As always I natter on Facebook and Twitter too.

I’ll post with sneak peeks behind the upcoming Rebel Vampires Collection.

And here’s your first taste: the new banner for my website. Because ‘you can’t flay a rebel’s Soul.’ (Blood Shackles)


THE BEST VAMPIRE NAMES – Events, Contests and Giveaways


There’s magic in a name. The giving of it. Knowing of it. Taking it from someone.

If you could be rechristened into a glorious dark new world, what name would you choose? 

blood-dragons-christmas-x-2‘We have the name they wetted us with when we wailed all bloody from the womb but we also get the one we select, when the blood elects us from the ranks into something else. Me? I chose Light…it wove me to the best of my First Life and everything I never wanted to lose.’ (Blood Dragons)

blood-shackles-set-2In Rebel Vampires, which has been compared by both readers and critics to ‘Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles’, every Blood Lifer name has a story behind it: Light, Ruby, Alessandro and Hartford…

And that’s the contest in the Bloody Big Giveaway this weekend. For the chance to win my brand new release Blood Shackles: a gripping dark fantasy, which puts a new twist on vampires, paranormal London and secret conspiracies, decide on your alter ego vampire name. Then click here and post it in the comments.

Set your dark side free…

blood-shackles-being-readToday I’m hosting Infinity Book Blog’s 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways. Fancy a signed copy of Blood Shackles? Choice of e-book? Fun and games? Q and A? Exclusives? Banter? Better see you there then. 3 – 4 p. m. EST (8 – 9 p.m GMT).

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“One of the most unique & ingenious vampire books I have EVER read …Pure genius.” Leather and Lace Reviews.

~Blood Dragons

~Blood Shackles




Vampires can’t stay chained…

Enter on Goodreads for the chance to win three GOODREADS 2autographed copies of Blood Shackles. Click here.

Photo by Flickr User Bec: Bonfire Lit

When your whole species is enslaved – and it’s the humans who are acting like the monsters – how far would you go to free your family?

The contest ends on Bonfire Night – or in other words: ‘Remember, remember the fifth of
November’. And although there’s no gunpowder, there’s plenty of treason, plot and thrills in Blood Shackles. And Light – he was never frightened to look into the flames…

Click here to enter. Good luck!

5* “Gut twistingly intense… There’s so many secrets and the suspense will drive you wild. The twists and turns to this incredible story will give you whiplash. I just couldn’t put it down.” – SLH Reviews


HALLOWEEN CONTEST – Who Believes in the Paranormal?


Halloween. Just around the corner. Enticing us with parties, pumpkins…and killer clowns. Oh, and the Halloween Sale of Blood Dragons. Only 0.99… I’d make a spooky price joke here but…I’m still caught up on the clown thought. Blame reading It at too tender an age.

I also opened the Official Bloody Halloweenfest on Friday, kicking off three days of contests, reveals, giveaways, excerpts and dark fun. Have a look here

believe-braceletI held a Halloween Contest to win a handcrafted BELIEVE bracelet. Entrants had to answer this: Mulder always wanted to believe… On Halloween, in what do you want to believe? Vampires or werewolves? Witches… or kick-ass superpowers to take on the undead? What do you believe – all right, wish, walks the same streets as us humans?

I was blown away by the answers – insightful, funny and passionate about the paranormal… Yeah, I struggled to pick a winner.

It looks like we want to believe in vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, magic and the thin veil dividing our worlds… to mention just a few. Read the brilliant responses here

And the winner? The handcrafted BELIEVE BRACELET goes to: Veronica Vasquez

Here’s what Veronica believed in…

‘Witches, vampires, werewolves, dragons, shifters, fae, and all sorts of beings that I can’t even imagine! I’d like to believe there is a secret magical world out there, as ours has so many problems, and that one day the magical world and out world will combine and it will heal so many of the problems with society today! I believe!’

Congratulations and respect!

To celebrate Halloween by escaping into Blood Life, pre-order Blood Shackles here for 0.99 or buy the paperback. Need to read Light’s adventure in Blood Dragons first? Click here

Rosmary A Johns Urban Portraits

WHY DO WE LOVE VAMPIRES..? I Love Vampire Competition Winner Announced!

Photo by Flikr User Wonderferret: vampire

At last…it’s time for the glory, the tears and the…I Love Vampires Competition Winner to be announced!

Why do I love vampires? What? You didn’t ask? Writer rules, so here’s why: they’re deep in our culture. Our heritage. Our psyches. They transform and become what we need. What we love, hate and fear. Zombies and werewolves? They do the same.

Photo by Flickr User Phil Wolff: Vampire Smiley

But vampires do it with style.

Rebel here…so no straightjacketing questions. Just ‘I love vampires…’ and if that was true? You could finish it any way you wanted.

And boy did you.

Honorary Mentions go to…

Leah Hess: ‘I love vampires because they’re beautiful and dark. They’re stronger, faster, wise. I have always loved them. When I was little and asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d reply a vampire!’


Amanda Johnson-Lyndsey: ‘Sexy, fangs, dark, blood, sex, lust, desire, ummm, everything!’

About sums it up…

Terri Hebert: ‘They are sexy, dark, exciting and very passionate. They excel in seduction and are loyal to their mate!!’

Light may be rusty with the seduction but he’s all for loyalty. And passion.

Photo by RosalieKay: Vampire Heart 😄

Tashia Jennings: ‘Vampires are seductive, mysterious and can live forever.’

Isn’t the attraction to vampires the sense they’ve conquered death – and the fear of our own?

Patti Griner: ‘What’s not to like about seductive, hot men who are great in bed?’

Enough said.

Sotia Lazu: ‘I adore vampires. Don’t care that some publishers consider them a fad. They’re my favourite supernatural!’

Just give us the names and we’ll set the Blood Lifers on them…

MCD Baxter: ‘I love vampires, always did, always will. So much so, that as they were portrayed as monsters and hating themselves, I began writing (back in 95) a story where the violence would be to a minimum — it would not have the same Human-Vampire interactions — they would love themselves for what they are; Romance figures prominently.’

I always like vampires with a twist…

Amy Bernal: ‘I have loved vampires since I was 7 years old. I always thought they were real and wanted to join them. Growing up they fascinated me. The darkness, the mystery and of course the immortality. I am partially disabled and still deep within me, if they were real I would totally ask or beg to be one.’

Would you become a vampire – if it was offered to you?

Now to the winner

Photo by InverseHypercube: Celebration of Light Brazil 2012

Why were they chosen?

Three reasons: knowledge of the genre, humour and a genuine love, which shines through every word. See for yourself below. And the name of the vampire loving Queen?

Cherri-Anne Boitson


LOVE Bracelet 1To you the glory – and the handcrafted LOVE bracelet: this will be winging bat-like to you with a note from me soon.

And here’s Cherri-Anne’s glorious entry:

‘I love vampires because they are VAMPIRETACULAR!! VAMPIRELICIOUS!! And they are ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY the most magical, the most intriguing, the most drool-worthy paranormal out there!

They get my blood pumping every time! It doesn’t matter if they are good, bad, everything in between or the perfect mix of both!

I have loved Vampires since before they sparkled, wrote in their diary, and were even popular! In fact, when I first discovered Vampires, I was barely into double digits and they definitely were not a romance subject! There wasn’t even a “paranormal genre” per se at that time! (And no, my books were paper, not stone. I am not THAT old! LOL wink)

In fact, my Vampire Mate is THE KING and I, his Queen, of ALL Immortals! (Wink but sssshhh! I am not supposed to brag about it. Something about bragging being not very “Royal”, whatever that means! *eye roll*)

Congratulations to the winner, honorary mentions and everyone who took part. I love vampires – and I love my readers. So my contests are a perfect mix.

And if Cherri-Anne is a real Vampire Queen and her mate the King… always best to keep on her good side…

Paperback Blood Dragons
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For all the vampire lovers, Blood Shackles launches on 1st November.

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