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I love vampires… No surprises there. Not the sparkly type. More the complex dark anti-hero. And did I mention I’m partial – like Light – to a ‘blinding coat’?

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Add in the redemptive journey, battled against formidable odds? And I’m there.

But as Light says in Blood Shackles, which is released on 1st November:

‘Crawling out of the black, Kathy once told me, would be my redemption. I never thought redemption would be this much of a bitch.’ Click here to pre-order Blood Shackles.

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Vampires have always fascinated. The myths. The history. And then how to turn all of that on its head…

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Then get sending your vampire love – to the winner? The glory. And the spoils – a handwritten note from me and a handcrafted LOVE bracelet.

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It’s not quite blood. Or a blinding coat. But it’s still love. So get sending me yours…