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Books, books, books… I love books. Reading them. Writing them. Dreaming about them… OK, sometimes I eat and sleep too. Then there’s life. Pesky Real Life.

But books – who wouldn’t want to escape into them once in awhile?

GOODREADS 2I’ve been exploring Goodreads for the last couple of weeks. Now that’s one SERIOUS place to find books. Rate them. Review them. And vote for them in lists.

Listopia…my new addiction.

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Goodreads also has GIVEAWAYS.

Fantasy Rebel is launching a Goodreads Giveaway tomorrow: Midnight Bank Holiday Monday. Enter for the chance of winning one of three AUTOGRAPHED paperback copies of Blood Dragons! 

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Latest News: Blood Dragons was selected by Underground Book Reviews as a Pitch Perfect Finalist this week! The winner will be chosen by the public this week.