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Welcome Rebel Readers! Get ready to enjoy promotions and contests. I’d love to get to know you as well: what you like and think. And I want to reward loyal readers, with something cool or fun as a thank you. I’m always up for ideas.

I’ll post here (and on my social media and blog), when I have something going on.

At the EPIC BLOOD RENEGADES Release Party guests were asked to complete the sentence ‘I love vampire books because…’ The prize? A signed copy of first in series Blood Dragons.

And the winner? Erin Sheets! Congratulations!

‘I love vampire books because they let me escape reality and enjoy a world of total fantasy and nonstop excitement!! The intensity of the characters goes unrivaled by any other books I’ve read! Its like combining action with mystery, magic, paranormal, fantasy and suspense all into one category!! Its a completely thrilling ride when you get submerged in a story like these!’


The fire is coming…in two weeks Blood Renegades is released. To celebrate I’m part of…yeah, why not? A Kindle Fire Giveaway! Click here to enter!


Blood Renegades’ release is less than a month away. To celebrate? I’m sponsoring the chance to win a Kindle Fire (seemed fitting) as a prize…or a Nook Tablet… alongside a star line-up of authors in the paranormal and fantasy romance world!

Other prizes include: 50 paranormal, science fiction and fantasy romance books and four £25 gift cards.

What do you need to do?

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Giveaway ends 29th May 2017.

Join in the fun and good luck! 

Latest contest asked: if you were designing jewelry for a loved one what would it be?

The answers? Thoughtful, passionate and spoke to the punk in me…

Dawnee Degler Fuentes: Years ago I made a necklace for my husband. It was dark silver and beaded. Some had small spikes…there was a skull whose jaw opened.

MaDora Shipman: I’d put a sun music symbol, a hat and a heart. A sun for my husband’s favorite band Sublime…and a heart because he’ll always have mine.

Miranda Bly: I’d do something similar to the pink one (Rebel Vampires Servitutem Bracelet), with a lock and key theme, but not in pink. Probably in black or dark blue.

Launa Rae: I like to find little trinkets and incorporate it into the jewelry.

And the winner? Melissa Hunter.


‘It would have to be black leather cord with skulls and the infinity symbol with it to show we are together forever.’

Melissa wins the:

Rebel Vampires Diligo Bracelet


Diligo: in Latin means esteem highly, prize, love. ‘They survived but twisted, like a blasted tree after lightning. Where once they were pale and sickly, now they were intense, powerful and dark.’ (Blood Dragons) Light fights for those he loves. He suffers, endures…saves the world. Love, yeah, he was always one for that.

To see the whole Rebel Vampires Jewelry Collection click here.



Yesterday’s contest was my dream question: if you could design jewelry for any supernatural creature, what would you create?

The answers? Not only mentioned every supernatural I’m craving to write, but also created whole worlds for them. Well worthy of respect and mentions here:

Mary Brannian:  Avian shifters, with beads, feathers and gemstones.

Kathy Knuckles: Wolf shifter – make Citrine Moon, surrounded in silver like fur, with silver paws walking along the leather or chain for bracelet.

Heather J Matlock Doran: A Wiccan bracelet. Amethyst for healing and protection from negative energy. Owl feathers for wisdom and hemp. Amethyst and rose quartz. Rose quartz Balances yin and yang.

Sarah Banks: I would design a witch bracelet. Braided strands of black leather, a cauldron charm in silver, an old looking book type charm, and a black diamond cat with emerald eyes.

Shantel Tish: A necklace of angel wings. It would give me the ability to see angels.

Jessica Pittman Wilson: A necklace with a hourglass on it to represent the never ending passing of time for vampires.

Ariel Mathis: For a mermaid. A necklace made up of layering scales, that are made out of Lapis Lazuli.

Wendy Beck: Feline shifters, so leather cuff or choker. Black or brown with claw marks layered into it, with the feline print for whatever type it was.

And the winner? Crystal Matz

I would design a bracelet, created for each individual race with stones used for protection.’

What I loved? The worldbuilding. There’s a fantasy story just there…

Congratulations! Crystal wins the:

Rebel Vampires Dissimulo Bracelet


Dissimulo: in Latin means cloak, keep secret, hide.

Once Blood Lifers were safe hiding in the shadows. Camouflaged to feast on human prey. But then the humans became the predators – secret experiments, alliances and conspiracies – tearing both worlds apart. ‘I couldn’t hide in the safety of the shadows. I had to go back: to where I was loved. To where I belonged.’ (Blood Shackles)

To see the whole Rebel Vampires Jewelry Collection click here.




With the launch of the Rebel Vampires Jewelry Collection came the contest to design your own.The entries? Were seriously blinding. Detailed, thoughtful and beautiful.

And the winner? Michelle Titherington VanDaley

‘If I had a piece of jewelry designed to represent me – it would be a necklace or bracelet with a hollow Tanzanite Heart to represent my son’s birthday – he is the center because he is my world – hanging off the heart would be a paw print charm to represent my 2 cats & 1 dog fur babies – breast cancer symbol to represent my mom & infinity to represent my never-ending love for them all.’

Congratulations! Michelle wins the:

Rebel Vampires Servitutem Bracelet


Servitutem: in Latin means bondage, servitude, enslaved.

Light is a slave to love. To his Author Ruby. The darkness of a second desperate and brutal world of blood. But he’s also a true slave. Bought and paid for, like a puppy in a shop window – unless he can free them all. ‘I’m not a slave; I’m the bloody superhero.’ (Blood Shackles)

What better way to start the New Year than with a serious Rebel Vampires giveaway?

9 authors – myself included, of course – have come together to sponsor a $225 Amazon Gift Card to the winner. The giveaway runs 1st-7th January. Click here to enter.

blood-shackles-christmas-x-2CHRISTMAS  FAVOURITE VAMPIRE CONTEST: Of course, mine is Light…but when I ran a competition to discover your favourite..? Turned out Light was also your favouite…but here are the other vampires who rock your world…

Amanda Morgan: ‘Tage in the Frenzy series.’

Nicole Nixon: ‘LOVE Theo (David) and Kate (Selene) from the Underworld series and BDB. I love the dark brooding semi snark nature.’

And the winner? Mary Brannian

Jean-Claude from Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. Tall, dark, handsome, and he seems the perfect blend of man and “monster”. He protects his own, but doesn’t shirk his responsibilities as Master of the city, by passing it off to others. Bloodthirsty and ruthless necessary, but gentle and caring as well.’

Congratulations! But come on, we have to end this with a little Light loving too…

Stephanie L Herman: ‘Light is my favorite as well!! He’s strong, compassionate and sexy. What’s not to love? He fights for those he loves.’


EXCLUSIVE TRUE LOVE CONTEST: Yesterday I took part in Roxanne D. Howard’s Toe the Line Release Party.

Rosmary A Johns Urban Portraits

And as it was a sizzling event of… All right, sexy British vampire required. And one thing I know?

Complex, dark anti-heroes, driven on redemptive journeys. And their love?

It’s not hearts and cupids. It’s agonising, obsessive and destructive. But true to the end.

Perfect timing for a True Love Contest. The prize? A handcrafted HEART bracelet.

What does true love mean to you? 

And the winner? Carolann Evans.

‘Being able to be yourself in front of the person you love. When they walk in from work and kiss you like they haven’t seen you for days not hours. Just being able to sit and not have to keep talking but comfortable silence. When one of you feels down the other knows how to make you feel better. My husband is my world, my other half, my soulmate, best friend and lover, all rolled into one.’

Congratulations! Who needs hearts and cupids if you can find true love like that?



On Black Friday I donated a giveaway to the release of the White Ribbon Anthology for Rape Crisis – 10 amazing writers for an amazing cause.

The prize? One handcrafted LOVE bracelet. The contest? Answer ‘I love fantasy because…’ And it seems we love fantasy a lot.

Sandy: ‘It gives me a chance to escape into another world.’
Crystal: ‘Gives my imagination an outlet to be free!’
Georgia: ‘Let’s me free from worries.’
Janet: ‘Fantasy lets me live a life free from day to day stresses.’
Jessica: ‘Anything can happen in your fantasy.’
Dawnee: ‘It feels amazing to give myself over to a make-believe place that is full of magic and hope.’
Miranda: ‘Most fantasy books have a lot of adventure in them, which makes them very exciting.’

And the winner? Lisa Kader

‘It makes you wonder if the creatures that we read about once lived like we do. I wonder if elves could be true like in Lord of the Rings.’

I live in Oxford like Tolkien. And I grew up on Lord of the Rings.

So congratulations Lisa! And yeah, I love fantasy too…


Halloween I Believe Contest

I opened the Official Bloody Halloweenfest, kicking off three days of contests, reveals, giveaways, excerpts and dark fun.

I held a Halloween Contest: in what do you want to believe? All right, wish, walks the same streets as us humans?

And the winner? Veronica Vasquez

To read what Veronica believed in and more about the contest click here.

September Blood Life Contest

Write a twitter or Facebook post, which starts ‘I love vampires…

The rest? That’s up to you. Let your imagination run wild.

The contests runs throughout September. Ends 30th September.

And the winner is… Cherri-Anne Boitson!

To read her winning entry – ‘I loved vampires before they even sparkled…’ – as well as the list of Honorary Mentions see here.


Rosmary A Johns Urban Portraits