Fantasy Rebel is excited to reveal a surprise cover & pre-order: MY DEMON OF FIRE (REBEL DEMONS, BOOK ONE)

Set in the same world as REBEL GODS with Prince Sol, Oni’s friend, and Anwealda, the Demon Emperor.


When a billionaire demon prince abducts me in a case of mistaken identity, I never expect him to claim me…

The hot-as-hell Shifter Demons are savage. Deadly. Sexy. And on my birthday, they steal my twin. When the arrogant but gorgeous dragon shifter, the Demon of Fire, mistakes me for my twin, who’s his fated mate, he whisks me away into the secret underworld.

I need an escape from human heartbreak, but what if this leads to something worse? When the demon prince finds out the truth, the only way for us to survive is to fake our bond.

So, we make a deal: I’ll help him to become heir to the Demon Empire by pretending to be his mate, and he’ll hunt for my sister. Then I’ll take revenge on the demon who took her. My only problem…? He’s my main suspect.

If I remain longer than seven days in the monstrous underworld, then I can never leave. Yet caught in the prince’s sinful but protective embrace, do I still want to?

If you like sexy, powerful heroes, thrilling adventure, and steamy romance, then you’ll love this series by USA Today bestselling author, Rosemary A Johns. Guaranteed no cheating or cliffhangers, and a happily ever after for each couple!

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