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“Like the Hunger Games on steroids” – 5 Stars

Are you ready for hot shifters, possessive Alphas, monsters, second chance and forbidden romance, and bad boy enemies-to-lovers…? The epic conclusion of The Shadowmate Series is LIVE now!


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AMAZING! What an intense book! The Wolf Games are in full swing, and my heart was in my mouth. Intense, tears did run, and my heart beat at the rhythm of Wynter, Ri, and Hunter’s heartbeat. Action packed. 
The authors delivered an amazing story with complex characters filled with secrets, romance, suspense, passion, mystery, intrigue, violence, deceit and betrayal.
An emotional ride that in the end you will feel it was so worth taking” – 5 Stars

They crave to claim me…

As the hybrid outcast of the family pack, my life has never been mine. I’ve been broken for as long as I can remember. Now, I’m torn between the love of two dominant, gorgeous Alphas. Except, how can I choose between them, when we’re enemies in the Wolf Games?
There’ll only be one victor, who’ll become Alpha. And I must win.
Yet one initiate has been slaughtered already, and now I’m facing three terrifying new tests.

Who can I trust in this world of secrets and lies?

Licking my wounds, I can’t fall apart. There are monsters and killers in the shadows, and a war is waging. I have everything at stake: my fate, freedom, and heart.

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