I’m a fantasy fanatic: always have been…always will be. Music addict too. I combine both in my fantasy series Rebel Vampires. As an author, you wonder what makes other authors tick.

Today I have on Andrew Q Gordon, author of the epic Champion of the Gods.

I’ve fascinated to interview him because he writes about diversity and individuality, like I do; he’s equally first and foremost a fantasy writer.

Of course, don’t leave out the unicorns…

  1. Is there one author who inspired you to love fantasy?

Can I cheat and name two?

Tolkien and Lord of the Rings drew me into fantasy. I was twelve when I read the Fellowship of the Rings, and I was hooked. For the next twenty years I’d troll bookstores until I was left waiting for the new releases to come out to find something new. The other author who inspired me is Mercedes Lackey.

Lackey’s Last Herald Mage series had gay main characters that resonated with me as I was dealing with my own coming out.

  1. Are any themes important in your books?

When I started the Champion of the Gods series, I set out to write an epic fantasy story with LGBTQ main characters and I wanted their conflict to be the same as if they’d been straight. Too often the gay guy died, either early on or in the resolution, or the lesbian character was the killer/antagonist. At the same time, I wanted it to be just a part of the story, not the main conflict or tension.

That way all readers could relate to the characters and their struggles.


  1. What came first in Champion of the Gods: the world or the characters? 

Miceral and Klissmor the unicorn were the first two things I saw clearly.

The story and surroundings evolved from them. As with any series, the cast of characters grew and I got to peel away new layers in the world. While some of the elements of the universe have changed, the main characters are essentially the same as they were first written.


  1. What music are you passionate about? Do you listen to music when you write?


I like a wide spectrum of music, from alternative, to metal, classic rock and classical. I’m a big Bruce Springsteen fan and find his music inspiring.

Typically if I have music on when I write, it’s classical or jazz because lyrics distract me.

Often I end up listening to my daughter’s lullaby music at night because her room is next to my office. Sometimes that’s dangerous, especially after a long day. Often I end the night early because I start to fall asleep at my desk.



  1. What project are you planning next?


I’ve not decided where to go next. I wrote a novella sequel to Purpose that the publisher felt would be better as a novel.

I’ve also committed to co-writing two series with one of my favorite people, Carole Cummings.

Those are probably going to go next because I’m excited to work with her and don’t want to lose my chance. The angel trilogy I began during NANO last year is a long shot to go next.  What I really need to do is retire from my day job if I have much hope of getting all those done this decade.

Thanks so much for having me as your guest!

And thanks for coming on today Andrew… I can’t wait for those two new co-written series! Tolkien was a powerful inspiration for me too, growing up in Oxford.

What author inspired your first love of fantasy?