My name is Light. Predator. Slave. Freedom fighter.

Rebel Vampires is about freedom – and having the strength to fight for it. Light – the dark anti-hero at its heart – is the ultimate rebel. Because the true meaning of independence is worth dying for.

You’re a born a rebel; you die a rebel.

My name is Light. In 14 nights I’ll go up in flames. In 14 nights I’ll die for my family. In 14 nights I’ll save the world…

To save the world, Light has to crack the world. Sometimes it takes visionaries – in blinding coats – to force us to see the truth.

Welcome to the Rebel Age!

Or a vampire on a Triton motorbike with a misfit family he’d suffer any torment to keep safe to being out the rebel in all of us because…

Rebel here, yeah?

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