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At last…it’s time for the glory, the tears and the…I Love Vampires Competition Winner to be announced!

Why do I love vampires? What? You didn’t ask? Writer rules, so here’s why: they’re deep in our culture. Our heritage. Our psyches. They transform and become what we need. What we love, hate and fear. Zombies and werewolves? They do the same.

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But vampires do it with style.

Rebel here…so no straightjacketing questions. Just ‘I love vampires…’ and if that was true? You could finish it any way you wanted.

And boy did you.

Honorary Mentions go to…

Leah Hess: ‘I love vampires because they’re beautiful and dark. They’re stronger, faster, wise. I have always loved them. When I was little and asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d reply a vampire!’


Amanda Johnson-Lyndsey: ‘Sexy, fangs, dark, blood, sex, lust, desire, ummm, everything!’

About sums it up…

Terri Hebert: ‘They are sexy, dark, exciting and very passionate. They excel in seduction and are loyal to their mate!!’

Light may be rusty with the seduction but he’s all for loyalty. And passion.

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Tashia Jennings: ‘Vampires are seductive, mysterious and can live forever.’

Isn’t the attraction to vampires the sense they’ve conquered death – and the fear of our own?

Patti Griner: ‘What’s not to like about seductive, hot men who are great in bed?’

Enough said.

Sotia Lazu: ‘I adore vampires. Don’t care that some publishers consider them a fad. They’re my favourite supernatural!’

Just give us the names and we’ll set the Blood Lifers on them…

MCD Baxter: ‘I love vampires, always did, always will. So much so, that as they were portrayed as monsters and hating themselves, I began writing (back in 95) a story where the violence would be to a minimum — it would not have the same Human-Vampire interactions — they would love themselves for what they are; Romance figures prominently.’

I always like vampires with a twist…

Amy Bernal: ‘I have loved vampires since I was 7 years old. I always thought they were real and wanted to join them. Growing up they fascinated me. The darkness, the mystery and of course the immortality. I am partially disabled and still deep within me, if they were real I would totally ask or beg to be one.’

Would you become a vampire – if it was offered to you?

Now to the winner

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Why were they chosen?

Three reasons: knowledge of the genre, humour and a genuine love, which shines through every word. See for yourself below. And the name of the vampire loving Queen?

Cherri-Anne Boitson


LOVE Bracelet 1To you the glory – and the handcrafted LOVE bracelet: this will be winging bat-like to you with a note from me soon.

And here’s Cherri-Anne’s glorious entry:

‘I love vampires because they are VAMPIRETACULAR!! VAMPIRELICIOUS!! And they are ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY the most magical, the most intriguing, the most drool-worthy paranormal out there!

They get my blood pumping every time! It doesn’t matter if they are good, bad, everything in between or the perfect mix of both!

I have loved Vampires since before they sparkled, wrote in their diary, and were even popular! In fact, when I first discovered Vampires, I was barely into double digits and they definitely were not a romance subject! There wasn’t even a “paranormal genre” per se at that time! (And no, my books were paper, not stone. I am not THAT old! LOL wink)

In fact, my Vampire Mate is THE KING and I, his Queen, of ALL Immortals! (Wink but sssshhh! I am not supposed to brag about it. Something about bragging being not very “Royal”, whatever that means! *eye roll*)

Congratulations to the winner, honorary mentions and everyone who took part. I love vampires – and I love my readers. So my contests are a perfect mix.

And if Cherri-Anne is a real Vampire Queen and her mate the King… always best to keep on her good side…

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