“If you love Omegaverse, this entire series is the perfect one for you. An emotional rollercoaster!
The love and bonding between the pack and the Beta and Omega is amazing. Loved it!!”- 5 Stars

Fantasy Rebel is thrilled to announce that ANGEL AND HER CHAMPIONS (PACK BONDS) is NOW LIVE!

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My name is Angel, and I’m bonded to a male Omega reject, who flinches from touch. Can we survive being claimed by a pack of country Alphas through my Omega’s first heat?

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If you love…

  • Sweet contemporary Omegaverse with nesting, purring, and knotting
  • Possessive, dominant Alphas & protective Betas
  • RH with MM
  • A strong, loving FMC
  • Amazing worldbuilding
  • Delicious chemistry and tension with a dash of dark angst
  • Sizzling enemies-to-lovers
  • Adorable male Omega in the harem

… then you’ll become addicted to Angel & Her Champions, hooked until the very last page.

The beautiful male Omega nuzzles my neck, purring; he smells of delicious cinnamon buns. “I love you.”

I shiver. No one has ever said that before. But now, I, the Beta, hold the attention of three gorgeous Omegas and Alphas, who hold me in their arms.

The 6 feet 7 Alpha growls, “You’re cherished, Angel. And we’re all going to show you how much…”

His lips crash onto mine. The kiss is hard and passionate. Devouring.

But after tonight, I’ll be bonded to strangers, and we’ll never see each other again…