Fantasy Rebel is thrilled to announce that MY DEMON OF EARTH (REBEL DEMONS BOOK THREE) is NOW LIVE!

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Book One, My Demon of Fire

Book Two, My Demon of Air 

Book Three, My Demon of Earth 

Book Four, My Demon of Water 

“Rosemary A Johns is quickly becoming a favorite author as I follow this series. Her writing is truly impressive, and the story completely immerses you. I find myself unable to pull away at all, because the action is just too good!

Briar is likely my favorite character so far. She’s witty, strong and I really admired her! Roman is a very unique hero. He’s a mix of strong and fiercely protective, but covers it so well with the playboy prince attitude. You can’t help but love him, because he’s a rascal, but he is also so very much more underneath the surface.

I love they dynamics of their relationship. It’s beautiful. All the angst of Romeo and Juliet, with none of the tragedy and poor communication.

This book is utterly brilliant. It can be read as a stand alone if you want, but I highly recommend reading the preceding books first, they’re all absolutely fantastic! Five very huge stars!” – Reviewer, 5 Stars

When I save the life of an enemy demon prince, I never expect him to claim me…

Demon princes, growly shifters, and a sinful deal with the devil.

The panther shifter transforms into a gorgeous demon prince.

“You bring out my shifter side, my soulmate.” The demon’s ruby tail lashes from side to side. I’m desperate to stroke it. “I desire to both guard and hunt you because a wildcat is possessive of his territory, and you’re mine.”

I trace over my soulmate mark on his chest. “This mark says that you are mine.”

He growls, kissing me. “Then claim my horns.”

A Paranormal Fantasy Romance


✔️Seductive Demon Prince

✔️Fated Mates

✔️Soul Mark

✔️Forced Proximity

✔️Prince who worships and protects his woman


✔️Hero with a touch her and you die vibes

✔️Primal play and plenty of purring!

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