Fantasy Rebel is excited to announce the pre-order and cover reveal of Ember and Her Knights, which releases on the 29th December!

Have you read BOOK ONE, REBEL AND HER KNIGHTS, which is LIVE now?


My name is Ember, and I’m a Reject Omega.

My gorgeous best friend and Alpha from the dangerous Marshal pack broke his promise to share my first heat, and I was sent to the Omega Institute.

The last Alpha I expect to buy me in the Institute’s auction is the same Alpha who abandoned me. The man who broke my heart: my enemy. Will this kind Alpha and his rock star male Omega bond with me for real this time or send me back to the Institute?

When we’re stalked, a tough Alpha Sheriff and his alluring Beta Deputy place us under their protection.

But then, they can’t protect us from the secrets of our pasts.

Ember. Her marshals. A pack bond that changes everything.

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Book One, Rebel and Her Knights

Book Two, Ember and Her Marshals

Book Three, Angel and Her Champions