Fantasy Rebel is thrilled to announce the release of MY DEMON OF AIR on paperback, ahead of the kindle release in three days on 15th September!

The covers for both MY DEMON OF FIRE and MY DEMON OF AIR are beautiful.

Above, is a picture of Rosemary A Johns’ personal copy!

Read it here before it releases on Kindle and discover Sol’s brother, the Beast, and his hateful beauty… 

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When a warrior demon prince locks me in his dungeon, I never expect him to claim me…

I’m a broke music student, only loved by my twin. After a raid on my human town, however, I wake up, staring into the cold, black eyes of the Demon of Air. He’s the mysterious, lethally gorgeous leader of the demon army, who’s also a winged wolf shifter.

But if he’s my enemy, why does he keep saving me?

He’s the beast who wants to make me his princess but keep me hidden and disguised. His sweet secret. But why?

I’m trapped in the middle of a war, and no matter how much attraction simmers between us, I have one chance to escape. In this perilous battle, will only one of us be left standing?