Fantasy Rebel is excited to announced this new cowrite is LIVE between two USA Today and international bestsellers, Rosemary A Johns and Mila Young, WOLF TRIALS, THE SHADOWMATE SERIES BOOK ONE!


“You’re mine, wolf girl!”

When my father dies, I’m forced to return to the one place I swore I’d never go again—Fable, a town full of secrets and lies. It’s home to a dangerous wolf pack, if I’m being honest, who are mostly psychos.

Upon my arrival, they insist I join their Wolf Games. If I don’t win, I’m to mate with the winner. See what I mean about psychotic?

But then, I meet them. Two gorgeous, dominant shifters from rival packs. And they’re savage enough to have a chance of winning. First there’s Hunter, the scorching-hot, mysterious Moon Wolf who was also the first man I ever lusted after, like hard. Then there’s Ri, the brooding Irish Shadow Wolf, whose shady past haunts him.

They are ruthless and fiercely determined to win for their packs, which means I’d become their prize. But despite how much my body craves theirs, I refuse to be anyone’s trophy because I have a secret of my own.

I may have been forced to enter the games but I don’t plan on coming in last. Me and my wolf? We’re not just going to win, we’ll destroy the whole damn game.

Grab WOLF TRIALS and discover the hot and wild wolves of Fable!


I was addicted from the very first page and lost track of everything around me, trying to find out what happens next with the hot shifters.
Wynter has two men that are drawn to her (two very sexy and Alpha men!), but she is also drawn to them. I can’t imagine having to choose but also having no choice in the matter as the future of the pack relies on her shoulders. I was left crying! – Reviewer, Five Stars