Fantasy Rebel announces the release of this gorgeous PAPERBACK RELEASE OF BAD HADES!! It’s a couple of days until the Kindle release, but you can grab the stunning paperback and read it first in a real copy! 🔥🔥🔥

Grab by clicking the link HERE and grab the sexy villains now! When Hades, scorching hot King of the Underworld and savage hell hound shifter, hunts me through the Eternal Forest, I’m caught in his dangerous spell.


No one exists in this blood-red moment but the two of us; Hades and I are both together and alone in the tree’s shadows. I’m in his world now, I can feel it, pulsing through my blood. I never want to leave, even if his world is death.

After all, I am a reaper.

Hades is stunning, powerful, and silent. He’s only dressed in shimmering black joggers. I struggle not to reach out and stroke along the strong line of his shoulders. His head is ducked, and his hair tumbles over his face. His eyes are crinkled with concentration. His finger and thumb are smudged with charcoal, as he sketches. The strokes of the charcoal are quick, broad, and sweeping like they’re being dragged from his Soul.

All of a sudden, I’m desperate to see what secrets he’s drawing…

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