The swoonworthy dragon shifter, naughty, rebel familiars, and the most magical village in England, Witch Hollow, are back in A FAMILIAR CURSE, which is NOW LIVE!! 


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Welcome to Oxford’s Magic Kitten Shelter for Familiars!

My name’s Astra, and I’m a witch. This morning, all I want is to take a hot bath without a demon frog familiar insisting that he’s a prince in disguise and to read my book without a unicorn nibbling it.

Instead, when cursed relics go missing in my picturesque but enchanted village of Witch Hollow, my hot next-door-neighbour, Sheriff, and dragon shifter, Earl Sin, calls on me to become his supernatural Deputy.

Satan, my devilish kitten familiar, knows more than he’s telling. But then, what’s new?

When a cursed magic flying carpet lands in my attic, its Italian tiger passenger shifts into the handsomest man I’ve ever seen. All of a sudden, Sin thinks that he’s found his suspect, and sparks fly. But I protect familiars, even mysterious strangers with twinkly blue eyes and cheeky smiles.

And all I truly wanted this morning was a hot bath…

Grab A FAMILIAR CURSE and decide which familiar you’ll adopt today!


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Happy reading!