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When the gods turn bad…reapers come out to play.

Loki’s magic coils through me — chaos. I can taste it. My pupils dilate, as I stare at Loki. His hair is fiery red, and his eyes are glistening emeralds. The light glistens off the blazing suns, and every rustle of the wind is a storm.

Is it as intense for Loki to feel me in our bond?

“You’re astounding,” he whispers. “I knew that you would be.”

Loki’s cool lips press to mine in a kiss that burns with hot passion. He tastes of strawberries and magic. His darkness is mine. I feel it now moving inside like a desire so terrible that it could bring realms to their knees…


Bad Loki will hook you with seductive enemies-to-lovers and fated mates, who’ll possess you and become your obsession…

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