Fantasy Rebel is delighted to reveal your surprise to grab for Valentine’s Day! It’s a five year celebration, as it’s five years since the release of the first book in the Rebel Vampires series. This book hit bestseller on release and won multiple awards. It’s M/F, dark, intense, and a totally new twist on vampires.

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To celebrate, Rosemary A Johns has written a new edition of the box set AND had this new cover created by the incredible Covers by Christian. 

When savage vampires become both predators and prey…their dark desires could destroy the world.

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Once I was like you. I was human. Then the dark came for me: A secret Blood Life.

**Enter the award-winning secret world of Blood Life with scorching hot vampires, eternal and forbidden love, bad boy MMA fighters, dark humor, and enemies-to-lovers in this complete series**

1000 + pages dark vampire romance set in a hidden supernatural England. Rebel Vampires features a powerful, alluring bad boy who’ll become your next book boyfriend. Escape into the seductive, epic adventure, chilling horror, and burning love scenes that’ll leave you gasping for more.


Ruby’s fangs grazed my throat. “This is the next step into the light, even though we dwell in the dark. Are you ready now, dearest prince?”
I gripped Ruby by the shoulders, as she traced the blood from my lips. “I’m not a prince. I’m a rebel who doesn’t play nicely with others.”
“Then will you let me be your guide to this new world?”
I smirked. “As long as we can eat the earth whole.”