Fantasy Rebel are thrilled that A FAMILIAR MURDER by USA Today bestselling author Rosemary A Johns is now LIVE!! 


This is the first book set in the new OXFORD paranormal world of Witch Hollow. We can’t wait for you to discover this new rebel universe!


This book left me howling with laughter. It’s funny and irreverent, snarky and filled with shenanigans. Not only was I kept laughing, but the mystery kept me guessing. Nothing is quite what you expect it to be, and now I’m desperate to know what’s next for Astra, Satan, and Sin.” – Amazon reviewer, 5 Stars

Want to be distracted by a FUN, LAUGH OUT, and romantic PARANORMAL series? Then grab this brand new cozy release with adorable cat, puppy, and unicorn familiars, witchy mysteries, and swoonworthy dragons!

Welcome to Oxford’s Magic Kitten Shelter for Familiars!

My name’s Astra. I’m single, love familiars, and am also a witch whose demon cat has more magical ability in his paw, than I have in my entire body.

When I inherit my great-aunt’s ramshackle mansion in the sleepy village, Witch Hollow, which nestles in Oxford’s shadow, I seize the chance to break free from my family. Even if Witch Hollow is the most paranormal village in England…

Grab A FAMILIAR MURDER now and decide which familiar you’ll adopt today!