Can the curse be broken? Can the rebels be freed? If you haven’t started this series, you need to…

Christine, 5 Stars

Rebel Fantasy Limited is thrilled to announce the epic 600 page finale of the Wickedly Charmed series has just released for the start of the New Year, so that you can now binge-read the entire series! The secrets, dark pasts, and loves will be revealed…

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The perfect, spectacular conclusion! WOW! absolutely breathtaking!! This is one seriously readable book! Adventure, truths, suspense, and please don’t forget the sensual loving! Roll it all together and you get a spectacular read!

Katheryn, 5 Stars

Nothing is more dangerous than my past…
…and its secrets could curse this dark academy.

I was the wicked witch who cursed the Rebel Academy to perpetual winter. When the fae who tried to force me to marry him returns for the Enchanted Ball, will my magic bring the academy to life or freeze it forever?  
Yet first, my three handsome and protective Immortal lovers and I must survive assassin missions, Dragon Tournaments, and deadly classes.

The wickedly gorgeous students of the Rebel Academy have pasts that should remain buried. Yet they’ll be brought to light at the Enchanted Ball. Then nothing will be the same again.
Even more dangerous choices await the eleven and fae Princes and their dark and mysterious vampire.

Will my sinfully hot lovers and I be shattered or freed?

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