Look what’s just released!! 😱 The FINAL audio book VAMPIRE GOD is now released on Audible.

The USA Today Bestselling REBEL ANGELS is now COMPLETE on audio book. You can download the full series from Audible and Amazon. Listen HERE to all five books in the series.

Lose yourself in the realm of gods and monsters and listen to the epic adventure with vampires, angels, and fae today!


In the realm of the gods, the final game for the Crown has begun.

Violet is running out of time. In a court of godly angelic Seraphim, the only way to survive the trickery and secrets of The Burning Temple is to seduce the despotic Emperor’s sultry shifter son. Yet is he as much a prisoner as her in his Gilded Cage?

Violet must undertake the Test by Monster to become a bodyguard to the Emperor: a Fae Knight of the Seraphim. If she fails, her vampire and angel lovers will be tossed into the Abyss. At last, Violet meets her creator, and the dangerous truth is revealed….

When the Emperor threatens to wipe out every world and start a new Eden, time is up. In the final battle, Violet could lose everything…