Fantasy Rebel is excited to announce the cover reveal and pre-order of ONLY PROTECTOR ALPHAS, the third and final book in the REBEL WEREWOLVES TRILOGY by USA Today bestselling author Rosemary A Johns.

I was gifted three wickedly handsome wolf princes…

…but now I’m the wolves’ prisoner.

I’m Crimson Tide. For centuries, witches have been at war with werewolves. As a kid, mom coached me that I was a Charmer with the badass magical power to control the scorching hot shifters.

Except, what if controlling them makes me the bad guy? How do I save my own witchy ass, as well as Wolf Kingdom, when I’m trapped in a wild land of fanatics and secrets?

To survive in the Kingdom of the Alphas, I must:

Rule #1 Never be tempted by the cursed protection of an Alpha

My pack hold dark and dangerous pasts, but I’m still driven to protect the gorgeous shifters, angels, mages, and gods who are mine.

Am I right to trust that they’ll protect me back? Or will loving the wolves get me killed?

Either way, I’ll fight for the wolves’ freedom and create a new legacy for the name Crimson Tide…

…or like the Charmers before me, I’ll become my princes’ worst nightmare.


Are you ready to be tempted by the cursed protection of an Alpha?