Vampire Mage in Rebel Angels Series

VAMPIRE MAGE in the USA Today Bestselling REBEL ANGELS series has just released.

In Angel World, I was the Monster Princess. I’d been crowned Queen of Chaos in the Under World. Here in Drake’s Castle, I was the freaky black-and-violet eyed female apprentice in the sea of the Brotherhood.
 ~ Violet

Without SPOILERS, here are the Three Secrets behind my latest novel set in the magical world of the Brotherhood:

  1. To build the thrilling but terrifying Legion, in which Violet is trapped, I delved into psychology of cults and their leaders around the world and hazing
  2. I wanted a new twist on an all-male chivalrous society with its codes. So, I studied medieval history. What would a Brotherhood of fanatical angel mages look like?
  3. This book has the BIGGEST twist reveal of the series so far. It sets up the grand finale in Book Five: VAMPIRE GOD.

“This series is addictive. Book #4 just pulled ahead as my favorite. Dangerous magic is coming; secrets are revealed. It’s full of action and keeps you turning pages as fast as you can.” – Goodreads, Debbie, 5 Stars

Dive into the magical world of the Brotherhood HERE now to discover its secrets…

If you’ve wondered about the reading order of REBEL ANGELS, here it is (they’re all FREE in Kindle Unlimited)!