VAMPIRE HUNTRESS released last week and hit #1 in several categories (including Vampire Vampire Huntress Rebel Angels Rosemary A JohnsHorror and Horror Comedy). Nine days later, the battle between vampires and angels is still #1!

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I’ve been working on the story of Violet, the half-vampire/half-angel anti-heroine, who was raised amongst humans and comes into her monstrous powers on her twenty-first birthday, before being dragged into the supernatural world, for the last year.

Author Rosemary A Johns

This five book series is going to be epic, and I’m excited about sharing it with you!

“With unique world-building, action, and plenty of romance, Vampire Huntress is a gripping page-turner that kept me reading until late into the night! I can’t wait for book two!” – Jenna Wolfhart, Urban Fantasy Author

Vampire Huntress Rebel Angels series, Rosemary A Johns

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‘Nobody’s perfect. Not even an angel.’


Vampire Huntress