Today I’m LIVE with an exclusive READING of my latest release BLOOD RENEGADES in my Facebook Group ROSEMARY’S REBELS.

After the reading, there’ll be a Q and A session on the REBEL VAMPIRES series where – as always when I speak live – readers can ask me anything. Seriously. Now whether I answer..?

I love author readings: there’s a special connection between listening to an author read their own words and then having the chance to ask them about the book.

I read a series of fantasy flash fiction at a Women in Dark Fiction event at Oxford last year: the atmosphere was electric.

When I worked in the theater, there was nothing like the connection between audience and performer: when it’s your own words? It’s twice the buzz.

As a reader? I love the experience too. So below are Three of the Best Author Readings:



  1. Jack Kerouac On the Road: reads the last page to jazz. Magic. Listen here.
  2. James Baldwin Another Country: a novel that taught me a lot about the possibilities and power of language. Listen here.
  3. J.R.R Tolkien The Hobbit: hearing Tolkien describing Gollum and acting his voice? Special and never forgotten. Listen here.

Who are your favourite authors to listen to?

Blood Dragons: start your new vampire obsession…