Off the Realm- Forevermore rock single - Rebel Vampires Theme Song

So you all know I’m a music fanatic..? It’s why I wrote my lead vampire – Light – to be one too. It’s why music is at the heart of Rebel Vampires, and Light falls in love with Kathy in the wild 1960’s London music scene.

Forevermore rock single by Off the Realm - inspired by Rebel VampiresOff the Realm – a phenomenal rock band with an edgy, gothic sound and serious head banging guitar – have been inspired by Rebel Vampires to write the song: Forevermore. It’s released this week. And it’s BLINDING!

This is a song about Light: ‘I am the Shadow/ That follows you/ Your redemption, your slave…

It ends with a Latin phrase, which means ‘forbidden love’. That’s the heart of the series, but the song catches me every time because it gets to the heart of Light: ‘Enslaved to remember/Afraid of the dark/Afraid of the light…

Light - Rebel VampiresThis is what Tim Black from Off the Realm says: “Growing up, I was always intrigued by the city of London, (unbeknownst to me, my future wife resided there as well). And I’ve always been a fan of The Beatles, and Hammer Horror Movies, and many other things from British Pop Culture. To this day, London continues to inspire; I mean, twist my arm to write a song about London and vampires?!”

Their sound is unique but it reminds me of Linkin Park, Kings of Leon and Nothing But Thieves.

Light is ‘forevermore London bound…’ This is an inspired theme song for the series.

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What are the best theme songs for vampire books or movies?

Off the Realm - Forevermore new release - Rebel Vampires