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HALLOWEEN FANTASY SALE – And Top Three Vampires To Invite Round On Halloween


Happy Halloween! The night for ghosts, zombies and…(wait for it…), vampires.

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Tomorrow Blood Life returns with the release of Blood Shackles, the second standalone novel in the Rebel Vampires series. Almost like somebody planned it…

Today Blood Dragons goes on sale for the next month at 0.99 to celebrate the launch. So readers can catch up with Light’s adventures first (and yeah, I do get how much Light would hate that phrase). Redemptive journey? Thrills, loves and heroic… Let’s stick with misadventures maybe?

Although this Halloween I’m a Vampire Queen, Light’s only in my head. So no Vampire King.

Question is: if you could have one vampire as your King (or Queen), who would it be?

It’s easy if you allow TVs and movies. But I am a creature of the night, so books alone it is.

Photo by Flickr User Matt Brown: Knitwits #7 Vampire

Here are my Top Three Vampires (To Invite Round on Halloween):

  1. Lestat (Anne Rice) – He’s a brat – but he’d be my brat.
  2. Jean-Claude (Anita Blake) – A beautiful French incubus, who likes to play power politics. Stimulating dinner conversation…
  3. Vampire Hunter D (Hideyuki Kikucki) – half vampire, half human and he hunts his own kind – now that’s what I call a fun party guest.
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To read Blood Dragons today at 0.99: click here

When Two Worlds Collide, Who Will Survive?

“No ordinary paranormal romance…the beginning of something new.” – Vamped Magazine

In a divided paranormal London, one bad boy vampire’s dangerous hidden love could bring about the end of the world – unless he can play the role of hero.

5* “Completely gripping… If Interview with the Vampire and A Clockwork Orange eloped and had a book baby- this would be it!” – Silver Dagger Scriptorium



DISCOVER WHY READERS MAKE A GOOD BLOG TOUR GREAT – Tomorrow Join in and See for Yourself


Writers. Myth goes we’re a solitary bunch. Hermit-like hunched over our manuscripts. Emerging only at book launches. As Light would say, ‘Bollocks‘. Without a reader, books are merely words on a page. There’s no emotion. No connection. And no point.

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Tomorrow my month long book tour kicks off. It’s a way for me – here in Oxford, England – to connect with readers all around the world. To chat, discuss and hand out exclusive sneak peeks. Blood Shackles is released on 1st November. To pre-order it now click here.

There’s going to be giveaways (the chance to win $50 Amazon card), reviews, interviews and excerpts.

Then there’s the guest blogs… Here’s a little taste: ‘The Soundtrack of My Blood Life,’ ‘Inside the Mind of a Slave,’ and ‘How to Cook Like a Vampire.’ Intrigued? Come on, that last one..? Diamond, seriously.

Photo by Flikr User Lovely Anchor: Vampire books are her Obsession

But the real secret to a good blog tour becoming great? I could’ve written War and Peace but it wouldn’t matter. If none of you folks turned up, shared, liked, commented and turned it from an event into an event.

Click here to see where I’ll be each day. I’ll update Facebook daily too. Follow me on Twitter,  RT and use #BloodShackles to spread the word.

Post pictures of yourself with the novel on Facebook. Ask me anything you like – I double dare you. Tell your dog – it’s Halloween, heme-and-blood-shackles-3
may be listening.

The Blood Club is coming. How far would you go to free your family?

Follow and join in blog tour events here

To buy Blood Shackles today click here. To read Blood Dragons, the compelling first novel in the Rebel Vampire series at the Halloween Sale price of 0.99, click here.


MAGAZINE FANTASY REVIEWS – The Beginning of Something New…

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fs_tourbanner_bloodshacklesOnly five days to go until the launch of Blood Shackles… I have that tingling feeling…

Blood Shackles is out now in paperback. It’s released on e-book 1st November. And available to pre-order today at 0.99. Click here

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But want to know where the adventure began? How Light was elected to Blood Life? Who was his first love? And why he fought to save the world? Then read Blood Dragons first here

Two interesting reviews recently for Blood Dragons. Different and individual. As Light would say, ‘There’s nothing but snowflake patterns.’

“No ordinary paranormal romance… a good undertow of drama, even thriller… What really made the book for me was the distinct voice she (Rosemary A Johns) gave Light… A strong opening book…the beginning of something new.” – Vamped Magazine

Click here to read it in full.

“Light tells of his election to blood-life at the hands of Ruby, his author and lover. The tale spans from 1866 to 1968 when in…London, Light finds Kathy, his Moon Girl. At heart, this is a love story…very poetic and it tackles big questions about life and death…” – British Fantasy Society

Click here to read it in full.

To read all the reviews for both Blood Dragons and Blood Shackles click here.

Photos by Flick User Stacy Spensley: Vampire Cupcakes

Of course you could read the books yourself and make up your own mind. Then I’ll get to read your reviews. Nothing like that – unless it’s Halloween cakes…and don’t forget the Halloween chocolate. Who said I was too old for trick-or-treating?

Escape into a supernatural world of love, revenge and redemption, where vampires are both predator and prey.

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