Vampire Huntress (Rebel Angels Book One)




“Rosemary A Johns has taken a bit of everything I love to read, smashed it all together, and delivered a novel I couldn’t put down.” – Carrie Whitethorne, USA Today Bestselling Author

“With unique world-building, action, and plenty of romance, Vampire Huntress is a gripping page-turner that kept me reading until late into the night! I can’t wait for book two!” – Jenna Wolfhart, Urban Fantasy Author

“A very well-crafted story with plenty of action. The plot is unique. It is twisting, full of surprises, and a rare mixture of characters, all well-rounded and likeable. I would love to read the next in the series.” – Readers’ Favorite, 5*

“Rosemary A Johns writes one hell of a world. I can’t wait to read more!” – USA Today Bestselling Author, D.D. Miers

“I freaking love this series!” – Denise, Goodreads, 5* 

Vampire Huntress is everything I want in a paranormal romance. I couldn’t put it down!” – USA Today Bestselling Author, Graceley Knox

“I fell in love. I truly recommend for anyone who likes fantasy.” – Lejla, Goodreads, 5* 

“I loved reading Vampire Huntress. It’s a page turner with lots of action, vampires, angels and a monster… I can’t wait to read Book 2: Vampire Princess!” – Denisemouse’s Blog, 5*

“Rosemary A Johns has created a beautiful world that draws you in. A must read.” – Energy, Goodreads, 5*

“Full of suspense and mystery. I love the way Rosemary A Johns grips you and doesn’t let go, keeping you enslaved in her supernatural world, wishing it didn’t have to end, and pining after the next in series!” – SLH Book Reviews, 5*





 “The worldbuilding is extremely inventive. Rosemary A Johns has a uniqueness that surpasses Anne Rice. Award-winning material here folks!” – SLH Reviews, 5*

“OMG I love this! I want them all. I am hooked.” – Goodreads, Denise, 5*

“Brilliant…kept me turning the pages. This princess is fighting back and she is taking no prisoners. An excellent continuation of the series!” – Carrie Whitethorne, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Rosemary A Johns is the queen when it comes to writing vampires and now vampires and angels. Every new book just gets better and better…action packed to the last page. Rosemary A Johns has written another jaw dropping, heart stopping, on the edge of your seat book! – Goodreads, Debbie, 5*

“I love Rosemary A Johns’ writing style as it’s beautifully unique. So much more than just vampire books or angel books…the entire world is engaging and imaginative, the characters, deep. This was my favorite of Johns’ books to date.” – Rae’s Reading Lounge, 5*

“Wow! The second in this series leaves you breathlessly waiting for the third!” – Goodreads, Kathy, 5*

“Plenty of angels, vampires, and fighting action. The author fills you up with wonderful exciting action from the first page. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next book.” – Denisemouse’s Blog, 5*




“As with all of Rosemary A Johns’ books, this one is yet another gem. WARNING: Your life will be put on hold as you will not be able to put it down.” – Books, Books, and Ahh Books Blog

“Wow…amazing…love how the Under World isn’t what I thought. So well written. And the end…Uhggg. I’m so ready for the next book.” – Goodreads, Eve, 5*

“Even when you finish the book you are still thinking about it. So, make sure you have time to read it all. And sit back and enjoy. It is off the charts amazing. The best book I have read in a long time!” – BookBub, Debbie, 5 Stars

“Action that makes your butt clench, laugh out loud humor, and absolute love of fam with maybe a hint of true love. Seriously! No disappointments and a very strong craving for book 4.” – Goodreads, Rebecca, 5 Stars

Vampire Mage: Rebel Angels Book 4




“Rosemary A Johns scores another home run. Rebel Angels has piqued my imagination page after page, book after book. Go ahead and treat yourself today and jump into the world of Rebel Angels along with the rest of us.” – Books, Books, and Ahh Books Blog

This author never disappoints!” –  USA Today Bestselling Author, Carlyle Labuschagne, 5 Stars

I love where Rosemary A Johns has taken this series. I love how strong and fierce Violet is…this is such a fantastical world. Another home run in the REBEL ANGELS series!” – Rae’s Reading Lounge, 5 Stars

“You’d think kicking butt and taking names in heaven and hell would be enough, but no: Violet and her fam must also suffer the whims of a great mageSecrets are revealed and new adventures are to be had. Love this series!” – Goodreads, Lori, 5 Stars

“One extremely intense read!!! OMG! Talk about knocking your socks off. All the drama, uncertainty, determination, fear, deceit, danger and suspense spirals, making a thrilling experience. No pulling punches, no holds barred, and taking no prisoners…” – BookBub, Kaye, 5 Stars

“This series is addictive, and once you jump on the Rebel Angels train, you are in for an amazing ride. This is book #4 and just pulled ahead as my favorite. Dangerous magic is coming; secrets are revealed. It has the most amazing characters and jaw dropping story lines. And is very well written. It’s full of action and keeps you turning pages as fast as you can. If you want a book that will keep you jumping up and down and your mind and imagination going, even after you click the last page, then this is the book for you! – Goodreads, Debbie, 5 Stars

I can’t get enough of this! I want more and more. This is my favorite series yet. Anyone who loves stories with Angels or vampires with a great twist, this is a must read.” – Vampressdawn, BookBub, 5 Stars

“I am yet again blown away! This series is full of action, snark, love…. realness. Realness in the way of love and emotions. In what we’d do for our family regardless of betrayal and lies. Each book has such epic battles, trials, and emotions but I swear that this is my FAVORITE book… I think I said that last time too though… In no way can someone read ANY of this series and not be drawn in! Absolutely amazing!” – Rebecca, Goodreads, 5 Stars

“Just when you think you have it figured out…another surprise comes along. Violet is one hot, hypnotic, loving hybrid who will survive at all costs. She will take on ANYONE or ANYTHING to save those of her chosen family. You will find yourself yelling out loud, rooting for the heroes, and laughing at the snark! Violet is a character we can all relate to and want to be. If you have not read this series, you will want to pick up these books and not miss the reads of the century!” – Evelyn, BookBub, 5 Stars



Vampire God in Rebel Angels series by Rosemary A Johns


“Oh my! Rosemary A Johns proves you can still dig deep enough to give a series the finale it deserves – this one goes out with a BANG! It will be the kind we all love and root for. Actionsnarkiness, and love. You will LOVE the ending!” – Evelyn, Goodreads, 5 Stars

“If you like badass heroinesmagic, and epic battles this is for you. You’ll be sucked right into the story. This book is a page turner, on the edge of the seat thrill ride. You’ll not be able to put it down. Such an epic ending!!!” – Debbie, BookBub, 5 Stars

“So many secrets revealed…a fabulous way to end the series.” – Rae’s Reading Lounge, 5 Stars

“Hold onto your seats peeps this is gonna be an awesome ride. I totally recommend you pickup your own copy and take a trip. It grips you and sends you head-first into an adventure like no other. Forget the movies, pickup a Rosemary A Johns book instead.” – Tamsin, Goodreads, 5 Stars

“The final book in this series had a twist I did not see coming. This has been an epic saga. loved the entire series!” – Hammons, BookBub, 5 Stars

OMG. This series is amazing and different. Talk about a fitting ending. I loved it. Rosemary A Johns blew my mind!” – Eve, Goodreads, 5 Stars


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#1 Amazon Bestseller

Silver Award in Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Shortlisted in International Rubery Book Awards 2017

Winner in the 2017 IAN Book of the Year Awards: awarded Finalist


Downright Bookish

“…Set in a precarious world where vampires are both predator and prey, Blood Dragons deftly blends elements of paranormal thriller and passionate romance. Blood Dragons is a character-driven, sizzling-hot saga for vampire literature connoisseurs to sink their teeth into!” – Midwest Book Review

Superb in every way! SILVER MEDAL WINNER and highly recommended.” 
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 5*


“A unique and edgy book which hooked me from the opening paragraph…Quirky, amusing, frightening and dark, Rebel Vampires, Volume One offers a brilliant story, with plenty of twists and turns. For anyone who enjoys vampire or supernatural horror stories or for anyone who is just looking for something a bit different, a bit edgy, something that will amuse you, frighten you and take you on one hell of a journey into love, death, humanity, and monsters, then I highly recommend this book” 5* SELECTED REVIEW  Underground Book Reviews

“Totally pulls off different. The reader falls in love with Light. A paranormal version of The Notebook. You will feel a bit heartbroken throughout, you will have emotional stakes in the action scenes, and you will feel uplifted by the end’ – YA Book Central 5*

“If Interview with the Vampire and A Clockwork Orange eloped and had a book baby – this would be it!… Completely gripping and a fun read… A book like none other!” – Silver Dagger Scriptorium 5*

“Filled with adventure and intrigue — and a side of romance. Johns’s novel is set apart from others in the genre by an engaging narrative voice that grabs readers and doesn’t let go. The narrative voice is strong, engaging, and one of the book’s greatest strengths. The characters are well developed and compelling. Johns’s vampires learn hard lessons that leave them better prepared for dangers to come.” – BookLife Prize, Publishers Weekly

“Well worth reading. A stellar job. Remarkably engaging and well written.” – San Francisco Review of Books

“More than just a vampire story, it is a story of love…so beautiful” – Paranormal Romance Guild

“Light tells of his election to blood-life at the hands of Ruby, his author and lover. The tale spans from 1866 to 1968 when in…London, Light finds Kathy, his Moon Girl. At heart, this is a love story…very poetic and it tackles big questions about life and death…” – British Fantasy Society

“An empowering book…trailblazes… The kind of book you are likely to pick up a second time…with a formidable literary ambition. Highly recommended.” Scaffolding Magazine 5*

“Think Interview with the Vampire meets Confessions of a Lost Soul. Yes, Rosemary A. Johns does bring to mind the writing style of the great Anne Rice. Light is torn between two worlds, that of the living and that of the blood, the woman he loves, and the woman who truly loves him. Rosemary A. Johns creates a world so real it makes you wonder…” Gothic Mom’s Reviews 5*

“What makes this book so exceptional is the quality of the writing… Ultimately, it is the character of Light that makes this novel so compelling… If I was going to fall in love with a vampire, it would have to be Light.” – Author Margarita Morris, The Good Writer 5*

“…a very unique paranormal romance…” – SLH Reviews 5*

“No ordinary paranormal romance… a good undertow of drama, even thriller… What really made the book for me was the distinct voice she (Rosemary A Johns) gave Light… A strong opening book.” – Vamped Magazine

“…really blew me out of the water… A very interesting take on the whole vampire romance. Very well written and leaves you ready for the next book. I highly recommend.” – Rockchick Addiction Reviews 5*

“Rosemary A Johns…writes very vividly and you will feel and see the scenes as if you were there…Can Light find a way? You will have to dive into this amazing world to find out…I will look forward to the next book in this series.” – True Revue Book Blog 4*

“Filled to the brim with amazing and colorful vampires, I was sinking my fangs in deep with this one!… If you want to try something a little different…then stretch yourself a bit and take a trip on the wild side!” – I Smell Sheep

“The characters were rich with depth. The lore alluring. The schemes entrancing… The draw was the rich and captivating urban fantasy.” – The Book Junkie 4*

Blood Dragons…is the memoir of Light, a good guy turned bad-boy vampire. Light tells his story Notebook style to the love of his life…you can’t help but root for him…” – United Indie Book Blog 4*

“As a fan of paranormal romance, I found this book very unique…love the outstanding imagination on the vampire myth.” – Fanatical Paranormal Romantical 

“One of the most ingenious vampire books I have ever read…Reminded me very much of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles…pure genius.” – Leather and Lace Reviews 4*

“I’m still in awe of the writing itself. Descriptive, interesting, evocative. For folks who enjoy perhaps more “literary” paranormal fiction that will challenge the brain a bit, and creates an entirely new vampire mythology, then I highly recommend it…this author has writing chops” – Long and Short Reviews 4*

“It stands next to Anne Rice… Strikes me as perfect. One of the finest vampire novels I have ever read. The pages flew by.” – Bona Fide Book Reviews 5*

“The romance, drama and alluring adventure captivated me.” – Ladybug Book Reviews 5*

“Well written story with intriguing characters.” –  The Write Read Blog 5*



Amazon Bestseller

Received Honorable Mention in the 2017 Readers’ Favorite® International Book Awards 


“Tragic, triumphant, addictive… Johns succeeded in creating a world, characters, and a story that pulled me in until I had to finish reading it… This is a novel everyone should read” Readers’ Favorite 5*

Highly RecommendedBlood Shackles is narrated by Light, who is writing his journal and divulging his deepest, darkest thoughts and emotions. Light is now a vampire slave. He’s been bought and sold by the underground Blood Club. It is a true page turner which keeps you guessing. This dark book leads us deeper into the world of vampires and their enemies…breathtaking.” – Underground Book Reviews 5* SELECTED REVIEW

“One word: WOW! I really love this series! I loved the first book; Blood Dragons, and Blood Shackles is even better. So many surprises and twists. It’s a must read for all readers! I solid 4.5 Boundless Stars for me.’ – Boundless Book Reviews 4.5*

“Hot, exciting and intense… Unlike anything I’ve ever read.” Book Haven Book Blog 4*

TESTIMONIAL: “I truly loved this book: the characters, the plot, the pace… Once you start reading it, you just cannot put it down. A first class performance from a writer at the very top of their game.” – SLH Reviews

“Exceptional. Just as unique as the first book… my world changed. The author has a rare approach to the vampire world different to anything I have read in my life.  There was a great flow to the story and had you begging to get back to the book. ” – Ladybug & Daisy Book Reviews 5*

“One very different vampire book… This book flew through the pages…bloody brilliant!” – Leather and Lace Reviews 4*

“There’s so many secrets and the suspense will drive you wild. The twists and turns to this incredible story will give you whiplash.” – SLH Reviews 5*

“A strong book because of a strong voice. I liked the playing with the genre and making the vampires vulnerable (if still dangerous), and the cynicism about First Lifer morality. As Johns has said, “There’s no darkness in Blood Life that humanity didn’t invent first” ” – Vamped Magazine

“You can’t put the book down…an amazing follow up to Blood Dragons.” – Rockchick Addiction Reviews 5*

“It just got even better. Can’t wait to read more.” – The Write Read Blog 5*

“One heck of a story. Love her writing. Highly recommend.”  – Emergency Book Blog 5*



#1 Amazon Bestseller


“A classy urban fantasy with stunning and memorable characters, a story that features vampires poised against each other in a deadly conflict. Characterization is just perfect. The story itself is sweet and dark. Blood Renegades stands out on many levels, especially the author’s masterful use of contrast and humor. This is a story that will stay with readers long after they are done reading.”- Romuald Dzemo Readers’ Favorite 5* 

“A thrilling fantasy…compelling. Light is courageous, free, and a great lover. Blood Renegades is a great read – gripping and entertaining.” – Christian Sia Readers’ Favorite 5*

“Vampire fiction with a twist. The Rebel Vampires series is a total role reversal of normal vampire fiction; vampires are the slaves and the humans are the masters. It kept me intrigued for the entire read. Liberty was my favorite. I adored the internal conflict she went through, as she had to balance her hatred of Renegades with what she came to learn about Light.” – Sefina Hawke Reader’s Favorite 5*

“Rosemary A Johns is one of fantasy’s greats. She’ll put you in mind of Anne Rice and leave you wanting more.” – Gothic Mom’s Reviews (testimonial)

“Take what you know about vampire romance and throw it away. Rosemary A Johns is not only a refreshing new voice in this genre, she excels it. Her vampires are edgy and enticing.” – Rockchick Addiction Review (testimonial)

“Really packed a punch! The suspense and fast-paced excitement got me lost in the pages.” – Book Haven Book Blog

“Light is a character that I could not help but root and hurt for…all the characters were wonderful.” – Paranormal Romance Guild 4*


“This classy urban fantasy is unlike any you’ve read before. Johns has a gift for uniqueness, her imagination clearly limitless. I love some of her characters; and I love to hate the rest. It’s seriously painful waiting for the next book to come out. If you want to fall in love with a rebel, I’m recommending you start here!” – SLH Reviews 5*

“Each book has been more intense than the previous, coming to a crescendo in Blood Renegades… Once again, Rosemary A Johns has sucked me into this crazy dual world, making me feel everything that happens – and that’s why you’ll love this book.” – Circle of Stalkers Book Blog 5*

“Light’s story is given as a testimony to an inquisition as he stands accused of being the leader of a group of renegades and due to burn in 14 days. As stands the book finishes the series off nicely, with regards Light’s story, and is a satisfying read and a good conclusion.”  – Vamped Magazine 8.5 out of 10

“Wow, just read the third in series and amazingly each one is better. You are attached to the characters and what befalls them. Going to re-read all three again for pure enjoyment.” – The Write Read Blog 5*