For Discussion

  • How and why is the slave journal form used?
  • What impact does using such a similar name (Grayse) to Light’s first love and prey (Grace) have on the novel as a whole?
  • ‘I’m a slave. Everything’s about survival.’ In what ways is this true?
  • Blood Dragons is about love. Blood Shackles is about family. Do you agree?
  • ‘The truth silences you.’ How is this shown in the novel? Do you agree?
  • Is this a case of the new world v the old?
  • ‘There’s no darkness conjured in Blood Life that humanity didn’t invent first.’ Discuss.
  • Is adaptation the central theme of the novel? Does this mean the same thing as survival?
  • ‘You’re only as strong as the weakest link in your chain’. Is Light right?
  • What role does Hartford play in the novel?
  • ‘I’m not a slave…I’m the bloody superhero.’ Is Light right? Do you think he believes this?
  • How are identity and names used both to subjugate and to free?
  • ‘Everything is spin’. How true is this of Light’s journal? Of our twenty-first century world? How consistent are Light’s views on honesty?
  • Light bears witness within the journal. But can it be trusted?

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