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No Kindle?

amazon-logo_blackCurrently, Fantasy Rebel’s books are participating in Amazon’s Exclusive Author Program. This means they’re only available on Amazon. For now.

But I haven’t got a KINDLE. Can I still read the e-book?


You have TWO options.

  1. Grab the paperback!
  2. Download Amazon’s FREE Kindle App by clicking here:

The Kindle App works with most devices:

  • Smartphone (iPhone/iPod Touch/Blackberry/Android/Windows)
  • Tablet (iPad/Android/Windows)
  • Computer (Windows/Mac)

Once you’ve downloaded the free app, you can buy the e-book from Amazon. Then the book will automatically appear in your app!

REMEMBER: If you prefer print, Fantasy Rebel books are in paperback too. Buy from Amazon or ask for them at your local bookshop or library. So indulge yourself, grab a coffee and then sit back and escape into a new world…