For Discussion

  • ‘We both know truth doesn’t exist’. There are two sides to every story: how is this shown in Blood Renegades?
  • What are your first impressions of Liberty?
  • Blood Dragons is about love. Blood Shackles family. Blood Renegades home. Discuss.
  • What impact does the inquiry form have on Blood Renegades?
  • ‘We can all hurt and betray those around us. Even those we love. It just takes the right pressure.’ Do you agree with Light?
  • What role does Will play?
  • Rebel Vampires is about powerful women and the choices they make. How true is this for Blood Renegades?
  • How does Blood Renegades deal with homelessness?
  • ‘There is no such thing as innocence.’ Is Light right?
  • Is survival or evolution at the heart of Rebel Vampires?
  • Is Liberty the only one playing the ‘game of chess’, or does Light manipulate Liberty throughout the Inquiry – and the reader too..?
  • Are the Renegades terrorists or freedom fighters?
  • ‘There’s no way to tell who’s the predator. And who’s the prey.’ True for all of us?

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